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Zebra Wireless Temperature Sensors

Track & Monitor Conditions with Wireless Temperature Sensors

Products like medicine, food, and beverages require specific storage and handling from distributors. Often, this calls for specific temperature parameters for warehouses or shipping containers. Zebra wireless temperature sensors ensure product quality and integrity by reliably monitoring and reporting conditions like temperature throughout the supply chain journey and communicating with Zebra’s EDGEVue app or EDGECloud services.

Features of Zebra’s Wireless Temperature Sensors

Maintaining environmental integrity

Zebra’s sensors allow data to be collected and retrieved through packaging, vehicles, and equipment. This allows for easily accessible data without distribution to the sensitive environments that products are kept in.

Wireless, cloud-based data-sharing

Unlike, other available options, Zebra’s sensors can provide data reporting through mobile devices or when they are within range of Bluetooth gateways. In turn, decision-makers can be notified automatically if changes happen to temperature parameters.

Fully customizable

Users can fully control device settings – from start time, reading intervals, temperature parameters, and alarms.

Easily Meet Compliance with Zebra Wireless Temperature Sensors

Zebra’s product makes navigating complexities in the cold chain manageable by easily recording and sharing data about critical supply chain environments. Additionally, the wireless temperature sensors are user-friendly, allowing for fast and simple implementation. Zebra’s line of sensors includes the S-400 and M-300 series.

Zebra S-400 wireless temper sensor

S-400 Temperature Sensor

The S-400 provides a light and compact design with a battery life of up to 12 months. The sensor also logs data in second or minute intervals in environments that range from -22 to 158°F.

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M-300 Temperature Sensor Zebra M-300 wireless temperature sensor

The M-300 is a reusable sensor with a replaceable lithium battery. Similarly to the S-400, it logs data in the same intervals. However, it reads it much more extreme conditions ranging from -328 to 392°F.

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Relevant For These Industries

  • Food & Beverage

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  • Laboratory Applications

    Effective lab management creates a digitized process that simplifies workflows and eliminates errors.

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  • Pharmacy Applications

    Pharmacy management solutions allow staff to manage and digitize all phases of the medication process through barcode data collection.

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