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The CT50h by Honeywell

Improve PatientSide Care With the CT50h by Honeywell

There’s a brand new way to make sure your clinicians and nursing staff have access to all the vital information they need: the Dolphin CT50h by Honeywell.

The Dolphin CT50h is a true clinical device.  It gives clinicians and staff seamless mobile access to clinical systems, vital patient data, and communication with the rest of the patient care team.  Communication in healthcare is the key to having satisfied and well-cared-for patients.

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Better Communication Among Your Staff

This is the first device in Honeywell’s line of healthcare mobile computers that is referred to as a clinical smartphone.  The reason Honeywell calls this device a clinical smartphone is because this device has the ability to drastically improve communication between your staff.  The better the collaboration and communication amongst the care team, the more productive and efficient they will be.

Learn how the CT50h makes communication simple, watch a short video:

This brand-new clinical smartphone is designed to support the most advanced and connected mobile user experience, the latest mobile EMR and nursing applications, and secure care team communication.  This means staff can more effectively manage a wide variety of tasks throughout their many workflows from anywhere in the hospital.

Just like many consumer-grade smartphones, the Dolphin CT50h runs on an Android operating system.  The Android OS is easy to use and already familiar to many of your staff. And staff who already have experience with Android will require minimal if any, training.

Some other features and benefits include:

  • Best in class processing and memory capabilities – Empowers clinicians with instant and reliable access to mission-critical data.  Providing clinicians and staff with real-time data will improve accuracy and increase efficiency.
  • Battery power lasts a full 12-hour shift, ensuring no downtime for clinicians to swap batteries.  The less downtime, the more efficient the clinician will be.
  • Next-generation 2D imager quickly and accurately reads both linear and 2D barcodes on virtually any medium, including vials, syringes, IV bags, patient wristbands, and more.  Using one device for all types of scanning in different applications means clinicians only need to be familiar with one device.
  • Disinfectant-ready housing specifically designed to withstand frequent exposure to industry-recommended cleaning solutions.  This will minimize the risk of spreading infectious diseases throughout the hospital.