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Cold Storage Scanning & Productivity Solutions

Using devices designed for cold storage environments will help streamline cold storage handling, increase accuracy, and more.

Don’t Let Your Essential Technology & Staff Freeze Up! Honeywell CK65 for cold storage scanning

Cold storage, refrigeration units, and freezer units often create challenges to ordinary wireless computers.  The changes in temperature from freezer to loading dock can create condensation which causes computer screens to fog up, keyboards to seize up, and internal parts to corrode. Make sure you’re using the right devices for cold storage scanning.

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Standard Device Challenges in Cold Storage Applications

Companies no longer have to compromise on functionality and information access just because of their environment.  Devices built for cold storage scanning are able to withstand the cold temperature as well as the transition from cold to warm locations.  Cold air, frost, and condensation all create challenges when it comes to cold storage scanning equipment.

  • Fogging of the scan window – when the scan window fogs, the scanner is no longer able to “see” the barcode which prevents scanning.
  • Fogging of the display – internal condensation fogs the display and users can no longer read the screen.
  • Reduced display refresh rate – cold temperatures reduce screen refresh rate and when screens refresh slowly, users spend time waiting instead of on task.
  • External condensation – when users leave the cold storage units, condensation can drip onto the keyboard area or display. When re-entering the cold temperatures, condensation can freeze or cause frost build-up, making it close to impossible to enter or retrieve needed data.
  • Reduced battery cycle times – users need to swap standard batteries need more frequently during a shift when used in colder environments. This impacts productivity and capital costs.
  • Internal condensation – condensation that forms and remains present inside the device will cause major damage over time. This ultimately results in increased repair requirements.

Using devices designed for cold storage environments will help streamline cold storage handling, increase accuracy and productivity, and help reduce errors.

Industry Guide: The Cold Hard Facts of Using Rugged Mobile Computers

Use Voice-Assisted Picking For a Total Solution

Although your mobile devices are important, your staff is even more essential. So make sure they stay warm even in the coldest storage units. One solution that many cold storage facilities have found successful is the use of voice technology. Adding voice to devices is easy. And, companies that start using voice enablement start seeing the benefits in just a few weeks. Using voice as part of multimodal data capture speeds has several benefits:

  • Avoid numb fingers: Voice is part of a multimodal data capture solution. However, gloved hands and harsh environments mean any time data can be collected automatically, you’re working faster. You don’t want workers fumbling with keyed data entry while shivering.
  • Keep moving, stay warm: Watch your workers. When they read their device screen or enter data, their feet stop moving. With voice, workers are entering data while moving, saving your business time, and getting them out of the freezer faster.
  • Works with Freezer mobility: voice software works with your preferred freezer-rated mobile computer – whether it’s forklift-mounted or handheld. Couple the device with a freezer-rated rugged headset, and you’re ready.
  • Put development costs on ice: voice-enable your existing telnet or browser-based mobile application and easily integrates with Andriod mobile computers.

Key Solution Components

RMS Omega is a complete solution provider – offering everything you need for accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data capture.

  • Rugged Industrial Scanners
    Barcode Scanners

    Rugged barcode scanners are purpose-built for industrial, retail, and healthcare environments, with durable design and Bluetooth and cable connections for communicating data back to your host system. 

  • Mobile Handhelds

    Enterprise mobile handhelds provide added computing functionality and the ability for your workforce to input data and access enterprise applications. Using the latest Android Enterprise devices will allow you to run all the applications you need for fast and efficient operations. 

  • RFID Technology

    RFID readers, antennas, printers, portals, and supplies bring an added level of automation for inventory, asset tracking, and other data capture solutions. Create a digitized and automated chain of custody for tracking, monitoring, and recording inventory and assets. 

  • Label Printers

    Thermal transfer, direct thermal, mobile, and stationary printers provide a wide variety for your labeling applications. Our experts will help identify the right printer and attachments for your operations. 

  • Printing Supplies & Tags

    Reliable and high-quality labels ensure proper data collection. We source a variety of label types, materials, and sizes that will work with your application. 

  • Software Applications

    RMS Omega has partnerships with a variety of software vendors, allowing us to find the right software for your specific application, budget, and business goals.

Case Study: Burris Logistics


Burris Logistics, a family-owned cold storage and distribution company, is no stranger to embracing changes in consumer behavior. Over the past few years, Burris has scaled their operations throughout 14 East Coast and Midwest facilities to support direct-to-consumer food delivery services. The cold chain logistics provider not only had the foresight to provide their services to this growing market, but they knew they needed to revamp their IT to align with their business goals. After replacing its legacy devices with modernized, cold chain-compatible tech, Burris Logistics was able to achieve:

  • Improved Data Security
  • Reliable Mobile Performance
  • Less Device Downtime
  • Fast & Accurate Food Delivery

RMS Omega Technologies has been helping modernize supply chains over the last 20+ years with strategic barcode, RFID, RTLS, wireless, and mobile technology.

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