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Need Something Specific?

RMS Omega can help you design and order custom or specialty labels and printing supplies.

We will also stock them in our warehouse – Learn more about Supplies Management Services.

Selecting the right labels for your businessElements like temperature, humidity, light, chemicals, etc. will all play a role in choosing the right combination for the job at hand. Make sure the labels you choose can hold up to your every day work environment.

Custom Label Services

There are times when you need a label that is totally customized for your application. We can recommend the right label based on your needs. We look at things like material, adhesive, topcoat, color, and size.

As part of our Custom Label Services, we also provide:

  • Digital artwork preparation
  • Pre-Printed Labels with variable data and barcodes
  • Environment and Compliance testing

Contact us for a custom label quote.

Specialty Labels

RMS Omega offers a line of labels that are designed for specific applications to improve performance and durability. Some of those applications include:

  • Oily, Greasy or Dirty Surfaces
  • High Performance Chemical Drum
  • Parts and Assets
  • Returnable Container
  • Print and Apply
  • Hazardous Environments

Contact us to learn more about these and specialty labels for other applications.