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The DL-Axist: An Affordable, Rugged Handheld Mobile Computer

New technology can be costly.  And, every new mobile computer seems to be more expensive than the one before it – but, it’s the latest and greatest, right?  Well, we’ve found an Android mobile computer that is just as rugged and reliable as the rest but more affordable than you’d think: Datalogic’s DL-Axist.

The Rugged & Durable DL-Axist

The DL-Axist, by Datalogic, is a touchscreen mobile computer that runs on an Android operating system that features a full 5-inch screen.  The Axist is fully rugged; it can withstand most indoor and outdoor environments.  The touchscreen and scan window are made with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3. You can also add an optional protective rubber boot to ensure ruggedness and add additional protection.

This mobile device can withstand 6 ft drops to concrete while in the protective boot.  It is also IP67 sealed so it’s protected against dust and water.

Flawless Data Capture

Designed for data capture, the DL-Axist is equipped with an advanced 2D imager. This imager allows for quick and easy data capture from high-density barcodes at standard distances.  This device also uses Datalogic’s Green Spot technology which gives the user good-read feedback.

For applications that require evidence of task execution or damaged documentation, the DL-Axist offers a 5MP autofocus camera with a built-in LED flash.

DL-Axist in the Warehouse

If you’re not currently using mobile devices or are looking to upgrade, the Axist may be for you. The DL-Axist will give your warehouse staff the ability to track inventory from the moment it enters the warehouse to the moment it leaves.  So, overall accuracy will increase.  The DL-Axist will give your staff the ability to connect wirelessly and complete multiple tasks quickly.  The ability to connect also gives your staff access to real-time data which will lead to an increase in accuracy. dl-axist-warehouse

This device was built for use in a variety of applications in multiple industries:

  • Manufacturing: electronics and computers/food and beverage merchandising, field sales, and management
  • Healthcare: bedside care, pharmacy, inventory
  • T&L: route accounting, direct store delivery, workforce management, courier value-added services
  • Retail: assisted sales, merchandising, pricing, stock management, inventory, gift registry, mobile POS
  • Hospitality/Entertainment: cinemas, theaters, museums, events, travel, leisure, and ticket verification
  • Services: commercial services, library management, access control

Download the datasheet!