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Zebra’s New Windows Enterprise Tablets: ET51/ET56

Zebra Technologies Launches Their Newest Tablets

et51-et56 zebra windows enterprise tablet

Zebra just launched their newest enterprise tablets: the ET51 and ET56. We’re very excited about these tablets, and here’s why.

First of all, these tablets can fit into many types of business. Zebra designed the ET51 and ET56 to be used in retail front-of-store, retail warehouse/stock room, manufacturing, as well as field sales. However, these tablets are also a good fit for transportation and logistics, field services, government, and insurance.

The ET51 is rugged yet lightweight, and it comes in two sizes, either 8.4 inches or 10.1 inches. And, it offers a fanless design for quiet and efficient operation.

The ET56 allows users to go offsite since it can communicate almost anywhere with fast LTE WAN access. This tablet also comes in 8.4-inch or 10.1-inch options. They can weigh as little as 1.26 lbs and they’re only 1/2 inch thick.

The ET51 & ET56 In Business manufacturing barcode technology

The ET51 and ET56 can help many types of businesses be successful. But businesses can actually use these tablets can also be used in many applications. Some applications where these tablets are popular include:

  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Shop floor communications
  • Warehouse/yard management
  • Fleet maintenance/inspection
  • Asset management
  • Receiving/shipping
  • Audits/inspections
  • Supply replenishment
  • Appointment scheduling/management
  • Parts ordering

What Makes The ET51 & ET56 So Good?

Simple answer: the features.

These tablets offer ease and flexibility. They’re Zebra’s thinnest and lightest tablet computers, making them the ideal solution if size and weight must be minimized. And, they’re the ideal choice when size and weight are a priority but reliability is still crucial.

Both of these tablets are multipurpose and Windows-based which can provide companies with more advanced options. They have bright touchscreens, more power, and more advanced connectivity when compared to Zebra’s other tablet options.

The ET51 and ET56 are rugged and can be used in a variety of conditions. Rain and snow, as well as four-foot drops, are no deterrent to these tablets. Also, the screens are easily readable in bright daylight and are usable with gloved hands. They can also be used in the warehouse on forklifts and carts, on the shop floor, and at off-site inspections and deliveries.

These tablets also have multiple data capture options to meet the needs of any business. Both tablets offer a touchscreen, front and rear cameras, dual microphones, and a choice of either two rear-mounted scanners/imagers.

There are many essential innovative features of the ET51 and ET56 Windows Enterprise Tablets including:

  • Small but tough
  • Crystal clear display
  • Versatile data capture
  • Heat and cold-proof
  • Superior communications
  • Long-shift power

A Long List of Accessories

On top of all the features, the ET51 and ET56 have a wide array of accessories to help businesses achieve high levels of efficiency as well as productivity. The following accessories are currently available for both tablets:

  • Docking station
  • Single-slot charge connector
  • 8″ or 10″ rugged frame
  • Standard 3300 mAh battery for 8.4″ display
  • Standard 4950 mAh battery for 10.1″ display
  • Holster/operations case: belt/shoulder/cross-body strap
  • Stylus and tether
  • ShareCradle multi-unit charger
  • Expansion backs
  • Expansion back aux. battery
  • Four-slot aux. battery charger

Download the datasheet to learn more!