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Fleet Management & Delivery Solutions

When it comes to fleet management and delivery operations, you need to make sure deliveries arrive at the right destination at the right time. And your drivers need a reliable device that will work on the road. Make sure they are using the right technology to the best of their ability to keep things moving. After all, ensuring your deliveries arrive accurately and on time will help build strong, positive relationships with your customers.

The job is not done just because a package left the warehouse.  When a package is at the loading dock, it still has to make it to its final destination.  By optimizing fleet vehicles as well as drivers, you can efficiently respond to demands such as rising fuel costs, compliance mandates, and increased customer service expectations.

Fleet Management Optimization

Fleet Management & Delivery Operations

Maximize fleet management operations by using technology to communicate with your drivers at any time and from anywhere.  Fleet management solutions also enable you to track both driver and vehicle location and performance.  This means it will be easy your customers to plan the receipt of their order.

With the right mobile devices and software systems, your drivers will be able to easily scan barcodes and tags for pieces, parcels, pallets, and even whole containers to record their pickup or delivery.  They will also be able to capture electronic signatures and take high-quality photos.

Using fleet management and delivery operation solutions will result in:

  • Improved driver productivity and efficiency
  • Enhance customer experiences by empowering your drivers with real-time information
  • Enable drivers to process transactions in the field and efficiently schedule load pickups
  • Monitor driver activity and safety
  • Meet compliance mandates and manage labor with accurate reporting and tracking
  • Easily repair and maintain processes and record-keeping

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Recommended Devices

To obtain the desired results, you need rugged hardware that provides your fleet access to real-time data.  Zebra’s TC55 touch computer will help boost efficiency and customer service.  It is reliable, rugged, and small.  The TC55 is very easy to use and needs almost no user training.  It uses an Android operating system so it runs on the same OS as many popular consumer grade devices.

Printers can be useful to print receipts and other tracking information.  Mobile printers are lightweight but still have the same capabilities as standard desktop printers.  Popular mobile printers include the ZQ500 Series and the QLn Series printers.

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