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Handle High-Volume Fulfillment with Zebra’s FulfillmentEdge

The Challenge for Fulfillment Centers

E-commerce has become an increasingly more convenient shopping alternative. As a result, e-commerce retailers and fulfillment centers are receiving increased order volumes and stricter standards for fulfillment times. From large orders to single-unit picks, fulfillment centers are challenged with balancing a high order volume while ensuring speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Furthermore, the effort to create easy return processes for customers results in a greater volume of received goods, further complicating warehouse workflows. Given these points, many IT and operations decision-makers are looking to upgrade their fulfillment solutions by 2024. Zebra Fulfillment Edge

However, upgrading to an entirely new system can be both costly and risky. Whenever a new WMS is installed, it creates numerous obstacles with back-end changes and required training. Additionally, adjusting to a new system can result in a dip in worker productivity. FulfillmentEdge by Zebra Technologies integrates with existing warehouse management systems (WMS), negating productivity dips, changes on the back end, and training costs.

Maximize Productivity with Zebra’s FulfillmentEdge

Zebra FufillmentEdge software works seamlessly with current WMS data and provides real-time locations to give workers short pick paths and instructions that optimize productivity. When an order comes in, FufilmentEdge can pinpoint which worker is closest to each item, helping to lower total order fulfillment times. The software also communicates with wearable Zebra technology to put information right in front of workers through the use of heads-up displays and wearable mobile computers. The FufillmentEdge solution creates dynamic real-time workflows for each employee, resulting in a 24% increase in the number of orders picked. Not only does FufillmentEdge boost total output, but it also saves on onboarding and training. With its fail-proof, visual-driven instructions and intuitive Android interface on devices, FufillmentEdge can reduce training time and costs by 90%.

To illustrate, watch a short video to see how FufillmentEdge is using intuitive and dynamic workflows to optimize fulfillment productivity.

Zebra Wearables Devices

Fulfillment Edge software directs the mobile workforce from picking, packing, shipping, and stocking through its integration with wearable tech. Wearable tech isn’t just becoming popular for consumers but for businesses as well. Just over 62% of warehousing companies are planning to add or upgrade wearable devices for their workers by 2024. Zebra has recently released three different wearable devices that work in conjunction with one another and the FufillmentEdge software. Wearables allow workers to operate comfortably and hands-free while always keeping information readily accessible. These devices are critical in reducing training time as well as boosting worker productivity.

HD4000 Heads-Up-Display

The HD4000 enables hands-free workflows by overlaying relevant information in the worker’s field of view. Bite-sized, step-by-step information simplifies picking workflows and promotes compliance along with picking accuracy. By using HUD and eliminating the interaction with apps on mobile computers, pickers increase speed as well as total output.

The HD4000 is battery-free, working in tandem with zebra mobile computers, keeping it light and comfortable for workers. Zebra’s first-ever HUD is not only light and adjustable but rugged as well with drop-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof specs. Other specifications include: Zebra HD4000

  • Unmatched color and image clarity and 5 MP, fixed focus.
  • Optimized focal distance to reduce eye strain and adjustable positioning.
  • Instantly flip information out of view.
  • Built-in camera, head tracker, and microphone.

See the product fact sheet.

RS5100 Ring Scanner

Zebra’s RS5100 combines ease of use, ultra-light design, and a standard-range imaging engine. The RS5100 can be worn in a variety of ways that make scanning comfortable and seamless, keeping handhelds holstered and employees hands-free. The Ring Scanner pairs with Zebra enterprise-class mobile computers via Bluetooth 4.0 connection with the press of a button. Other features of the RS5100 include:

  • Removable battery that provides 12 hours of life
  • 2.47 oz weight
  • SE4710 or SE4770 1D/2D standard range imaging enginesZebra FulfillmentEdge

See the product fact sheet.

WT6000 Wearable Computer

Unlike the previous two accessories, the WT6000 interacts directly with the FulfillmentEdge software. Furthermore, the WT6000 is smaller and lighter than other wearables on the market, making it a leader in comfortability. In addition to its comfortable design, it also boasts a 3.2-inch, touch-screen, LCD display with an intuitive Android interface. Along with its display, the WT6000 also includes:

  • 8.7 oz-11.4 oz weight depending on battery option
  • Adjustable LED backlight
  • Integrated speaker and microphone
  • Operating temps between -22° and 122° Fahrenheit

See the product fact sheet.

Experience the Impact of Zebra’s FulfillmentEdge

Altogether, integrating FufillmentEdge into your WMS allows warehouses and fulfillment centers to keep ahead of the chaos in today’s on-demand world.

Streamlined and dynamic workflows created through employee tracking, allows workers to achieve a higher output. More importantly, FufillmentEdge is a plug-and-play solution that allows you to avoid back-end changes, heavy IT investment, and costs that come with training a workforce on an entirely new WMS. No matter what industry, FufillmentEdge is a total solution for picking operations. With the ability to increase output by 24% per worker and reduce training by 90%, FufillmentEdge provides great ROI to businesses. Calculate your ROI with FulfillmentEdge.

RMS Omega Technologies has over 20 years of experience with barcode and AIDC solutions. In addition to our expertise, our premier partner status with Zebra allows us to provide industry-leading solutions to business operations. Contact us if you would like to learn more about FufillmentEdge or if you would like to schedule a demo!

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