RMS Collaborative Suite – Wireless Communication and Collaboration Solution for Hospitals

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Effective staff collaboration is key to having a safe and productive hospital. Healthcare professionals need to be able to collaborate and communicate important information pertinent to patient care, especially in critical access hospitals. The RMS Collaborative Suite improves patient safety, increases staff productivity, and decreases liability..

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Challenges in Healthcare

Healthcare is a fast-paced, high stakes industry. It is an everyday struggle for nurses and other healthcare professionals to collaborate securely with each other regarding patient care. They go through many obstacles ranging from the inability to reach an emergency specialist to excessive noise in hospital hallways. These inefficiencies and much more can lead to loss of productivity, scattered equipment, unsafe conditions for patients, and much more. The list goes on and on of everyday struggles for healthcare professionals. The RMS Collaborative Suite has the ability to implement a solution that works in your facility.

RMS Collaborative Suite and Benefits

RMS Collaborative Suite is a complete solution composed of hardware, software, and services to help your hospital excel when it comes to staff communication and collaboration. Hospitals have found that this solution has many benefits including improved patient outcomes due to the decrease in medical errors.

ct40 mobile computer by HoneywellThe hardware for the RMS Collaborative Suite is sleek, full-touch devices designed for use in healthcare environments. These devices assist nurses and other hospital staff in providing seamless patient safety and speed workflows. With these devices, staff will be able to communicate with other staff, scan data, and so much more. These devices will not break when dropped and can be wiped down with cleaning agents to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

When used with these devices, the software allows for secure communication, alerts, EHR integration, and more. The software runs exceptionally well on rugged devices and will allow your staff to collaborate and make the best informed decisions when it comes to patient care.

With the use of a reliable staff collaboration solution for the healthcare professionals in the facility, a wide range of benefits will occur including:

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved task management
  • Increased collaboration
  • Overall improvement of staff satisfaction

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Services – Wireless & Beyond

RMS Omega’s pre-configuration services offer customers the device already completely set up. This means you can take it out of the box and put it to use immediately. Another service RMS Omega offers is A&O, which is analysis & optimization. This is a process that can optimize and enhance wireless coverage throughout your facility. Benefits of A&O include less down-time from dropped coverage, increased worker productivity, faster and stronger wireless connections, and much more. RMS Omega offers different wireless services to increase productivity and efficiency.

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