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Honeywell Operational Intelligence Provides Device Accountability

Honeywell Operational Intelligence:
Mobile IT Management & Accountability

Modern supply chain operations are dependent on the performance of mobile technology. When mobile technology is broken, lost, or malfunctioning, it directly impacts an organization’s productivity. Furthermore, frequent repair and replacement costs can add to device TCO when upgrading would be more economical. In turn, an organization’s productivity and cost-effectiveness are drained due to poor device management. The Honeywell Operational Intelligence (OI) platform provides companies with valuable data-driven insights and analysis into device health and utilization. This enables IT teams to dig down into device problems, centrally monitor device health and usage, and proactively prevent downtime.

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Benefits of Deploying Honeywelly Operational Intelligence

Honeywell Operational Intelligence Demo.

User-Accountability for Damaged or Missing Devices

Lost, missing, and stolen devices create huge costs and disruptions. As devices are checked out under users, Operational Intelligence’s device logs track usage and damage incidents. So when devices do go missing, administrators will have a starting point to track down missing IT assets.

Additionally, when missing devices remain connected to Wi-Fi networks, OI can track down the location by utilizing IP address data. This means that even if devices leave the four walls of your organization, administrators can track down the address of the missing device when they come back online.

Secure Access Control Honeywell CT30XP HC being used by female nurse in hospital setting.

Without a software solution to monitor device usage, it’s almost impossible to create a reliable user log for each device. Honeywell’s OI platform locks devices from use until users scan a personalized barcode or sign into the device with their credentials. When returned to their cradle, users check the device back in within the OI app and scan a locating barcode, letting supervisors know which devices have been returned to their cradles.
This creates a log within OI tracking which users are using each device at a specific time so that IT personnel can track each device’s usage.

Visibility of Battery Charge & Health Honeywell CT47 in charging cradle.

Batteries failing in the middle of a shift are detrimental to productivity and cause unplanned interruptions. With OI, devices automatically notify employees when the battery in their device has not been charged to an adequate level so that they can preemptively switch out the battery before starting their shift. Additionally, administrators can view the health status of each battery, so they can budget accordingly for the batteries that are nearing the end of their life. Unexpected replacement costs are a thing of the past with OI’s battery health insights.

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Reduce Costs with Operational Intelligence

Solve These 4 Common Productivity Blockers

Mobile Computer Batteries – View when and how often batteries are affecting daily operations. Drill down into what is impacting poor device charging and better manage battery replacements.

Software Reboots – Identify problems with hardware, software, and operating systems problems that cause device crashes.

Lost & Missing Equipment – Track down lost devices and keep a documented chain of custody.

Hardware Damages – Document damage incidents with real-time alerts.

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