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Hospital Communication Devices Aid in the Delivery of Efficient Patient Care

Choose World Class Hospital Communication Devices

All hospitals and healthcare institutions rely on effective communication to deliver efficient and appropriate patient care. Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals continually send and receive information relevant to ongoing assessment and treatment. You want them to focus on helping patients rather than searching for information, equipment, and people. This means you need to provide the best available hospital communication devices.

When healthcare staff is not properly equipped with efficient communication equipment, the results are apparent:

  • Time and money are wasted
  • Patient care is not optimal
  • Productivity decreases
  • Employees become frustrated
  • Patient safety may be put at risk
  • Equipment may be difficult to locate

Any of these situations indicate a need to upgrade communication equipment. RMS Omega can help.

RMS Omega Partners with Zebra Technologies

Our professionals at RMS Omega can review your entire healthcare operation to recommend a unified workforce communication system. RMS Omega has partnered with Zebra Technologies to offer advanced enterprise-grade hospital communication devices.

Many healthcare administrators choose Android healthcare-grade mobile computers that are secure and easy for hospital staff to use. The devices we recommend are comparable to a smartphone but offer enterprise-class features, including security and data capture, robust wireless connectivity, and manageability.

Features of Healthcare Mobile Computers

Staff will need little training and will find it easy to use. They will quickly appreciate its many advanced features:

  • Durable housing to deal with bumps, drops, spills, and frequent disinfection with strong chemicals
  • Modern form factor similar to a standard smartphone
  • An easy-to-read touch display capable of supporting large displays of information, such as real-time records of a patient’s vital signs or other electronic health records
  • A powerful push to talk voice connection to almost every other mobile device in the facility, two-way radios, and smartphones
  • Includes an 8 MP camera that, with a click of a button, records a patient’s condition or even captures the content of documents
  • It contains a user-replaceable battery for 8-10 hours of operation on a single charge, essentially eliminating downtime during a shift because of a dead battery

Choose hospital mobile communication devices from RMS Omega to empower healthcare employees and deliver the best in patient care.

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