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Hospital Communication Software Improves Healthcare Productivity

Maximize Mobile Computer Efficiencies with Powerful Hospital Communication Software

Clinical CommunicationEffective and efficient patient care in any health institution depends on reliable communication. Doctors, nurses and all other medical personnel are continually requesting and sharing patient information important to the ongoing care of each patient. If you are a hospital administrator, you want to make sure every professional in the care chain uses the best available hospital communication devices. Then, they can focus on patient care rather than searching for people, equipment or information.

When the existing devices are enhanced with powerful hospital communication software, you can expect faster connections and productivity. Typically this results in more rapid, even lifesaving response times, improved patient care and increased efficiencies.

RMS Omega Partners with Zebra Technologies

Many hospital staff and medical professionals are already using mobile devices such as the MC40-HC Mobile Computer. An easy installation of additional communication software enhances the existing features and functionalities. At RMS Omega, we have partnered with Zebra Technologies to offer hospital communication software that does just that. The software is called Workforce Connect Voice. Its purpose is to convert your current mobile computers into versatile devices that can provide complete PBX functionality.

Features and Benefits of Workforce Connect Voice

If you provide mobile computers with voice as well as data capability, your staff need only the one device to access information, send messages and talk to people. They can call or be called by anyone within or outside the facility. Being able to make both private and group calls means faster response times and improved results.

You will quickly appreciate the benefits of Workforce Connect Voice. This reliable hospital communication software features:

  • Immediate and direct voice connection with a group or individual
  • Complex telephone functions are simplified
  • Use is intuitive, so little training is needed
  • Making or receiving calls takes only a button press
  • Units using Push to Talk benefit from call display and missed call reminders
  • Ability to transfer email, text and files
  • Capability to interact with a variety of mobile devices like two-way radios, computers and smart phones
  • Ability to deliver complete PBX functionality over the facility secured wireless network
  • Complete control over the user interface, allowing complete customization of intuitive screens
  • All hospital staff are connected with fewer devices
  • Existing mobile computers can act as PBX handsets, increasing ROI

Installing Workforce Connect Voice on the mobile computer devices in an institution will quickly improve the effectiveness of communication of staff and professionals using voice, text messaging, and video communication on unified mobile devices. The simplicity of a unified device will improve productivity, and added multi-device functionality will reduce capital and operational costs.

Learn more about Workforce Connect – Watch a short video:

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