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How Barcodes Can Improve Vaccine Administration

Improve Vaccine Administration Workflows

As vaccine administration ramps up and doses are administered at high volumes, speed, safety, and accuracy become ever more critical in the healthcare space. Fortunately, healthcare-grade barcode scanners, printers, and media from Zebra Technologies help create an efficient and error-proof workflow. They also ensure safety with disinfectant-ready plastics, as well as HIPPA compliance by integrating with electronic health records (EHRs).

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Zebra’s line of DS and CS healthcare scanners are disinfectant-ready and capable of scanning hard-to-read barcodes that can be common in healthcare. Having the right scanner is critical to your vaccine workflows. Scanners capture pertinent vaccine and patient data and immediately input it into an EHR.


Printing at the point of vaccine administration helps reduce error, especially for vaccines that require more than one dose. By immediately printing a label for the scanned data, staff can keep both paper and digital records up to date. Zebra’s healthcare printers include the ZD420 and ZD620 for desktop options and the ZQ610 for mobile printing.

Media and Supplies

Zebra printing supplies offer high quality and durability, allowing barcode scanners to easily read data. Furthermore, using Zebra supplies will ensure optimal performance with their printers, helping create an error-proof printing and labeling system.

Learn more about creating a faster, safer, and more accurate vaccine administration process with Zebra barcode technology.

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