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Introducing Zebra’s DS9300 Series

Small Size, Big Performance

Zebra’s DS9300 Series is maximizing function while saving on space. Due to the constant flow of merchandise across your point of sale station, there is no room (literally and figuratively) for clunky, large scanners and slow checkout times. This new scanner by Zebra boasts ergonomic dimensions for superb handling (5.7 in. H x 3.4 in. W x 3.3 in. D). Additionally, the DS9300 design provides a sleek and stylish look that camouflages it in the trendiest and most upscale retail shops. However, don’t let looks fool you about this device’s ruggedness and scanning power.

Rugged and Adaptable Design

Zebra's DS9300 Series

Looks can be deceiving with Zebra’s new space-optimizing scanner. The barcode scanner is built with flexibility and strength in mind. Its accommodating size is just one design feature upon many, including:

  • A design built to handle 5ft drops to concrete.
  • Spill and dustproof sealing to protect the device.
  • 5.7 in. H x 3.4 in. W x 3.3 in. D dimensions.
  • 11.2 oz weight.
  • Flexible and frictionless base, allowing movement 15 degrees back and 45 degrees forward.

Superior Performance

Above all, Zebra’s new barcode scanner has some truly innovative features. The DS9300 Series offers superior scanning capabilities and provides next-level value to your point-of-sale locations. Features include:

  • 800 MHz microprocessor and the high-resolution sensor read faded and damaged barcodes and scan through cellophane wrapping.
  • A swipe speed that is 50% faster than competing scanners.
  • Barely visible LED lighting and impressive field of view to reduce barcode searching.
  • Ability to convert documents (driver’s license, passport, and checks) into easy-to-read electronic images.
  • Deactivates security tags upon scanning.
  • Reads multiple barcodes at once and transmits the one you need.
  • Adjustable signal tones to ensure a successful scan.
  • Green LED signal so employees know if a scan is successful.

More Information on Zebra’s DS9300 Series

In conclusion, Zebra’s new DS9300 series of barcode scanners deliver incredibly valuable features within their compact design. The DS9300 Series efficiently utilizes counter space and increases the speed of transaction times in retail operations while offering advanced scanning features. Its sleek look is backed by superior scanning performance and a durable yet ergonomic design.

Contact us if you want more information about implementing this efficient solution in your retail operation.