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The MC9300 – Zebras Latest Innovation

Zebra Technologies’ Newest Handheld Mobile Computer – The MC9300

The MC9000 series by Zebra Technologies is used every day by over three million workers. This series is used to streamline processes in warehouses and distribution centers as well as manufacturing plants all around the globe. The shipping and handling of orders every day is a consistent need, and you need to be able to do it faster than ever to have the most efficient workflows. Hence, the MC9300 is the newest addition to the MC9000 series which is Zebra’s best-selling enterprise mobile computer. Users all across the globe are certainly satisfied with the MC9000 series, and the MC9300 continues the legacy of rugged, reliable construction and superior all-day comfort. The benefits of the MC9300 include:

  • Ultimate in simplicity with Android.
  • Larger, advanced touch screen.
  • New data capture capabilities include optional front and back cameras, scan ranges of an extraordinary level, and superior direct part mark capture.
  • On a single charge, the new battery runs twice as long as other mobile computers in the MC9000 family.
  • Most rugged MC9000 series device ever created.
  • New mobility DNA solutions make the device, OS security and battery management simple while delivering amazing robust wireless connections..

Watch a short video to learn more about the benefits of the MC9300!

The Exquisite Android Platform

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While you can run your existing terminal emulation apps right out of the box, migrating to Android literally could not be any easier. There are many benefits of the Android platform including:

  • Maximal processor power and memory. Powerful 8-core processor delivers superior performance on all voice/data apps.
  • Maximal battery power. PowerPrecision+ battery delivers the most battery power in its class – Fast charging and a wealth of battery statistics to manage battery pool.
  • Superior WiFi connections. With 2×2 multiple-user multiple input multiple output technology and WorryFree WiFi, you receive near-instant application response times, increased WiFi range and speed, unmatched roaming, and much more to keep your WiFi network up and running at maximum performance.
  • Lifetime security guard for Android. Using LifeGuard for Android, you get the exact security updates needed to keep your devices secure every day.

The Ultimate in Application Support

  • Bigger touchscreen with advanced technology. The large display on the device enables workers to view more business data while providing best-in-class readability and data input flexibility.
  • Bluetooth low energy for four times the range and twice the speed. The Bluetooth peripheral performance is improved while power requirements have reduced (extending battery cycle times).industrial applications voice
  • High-resolution photos/videos for increased productivity. The new rear-facing camera is able to capture highly-detailed photos and videos.
  • TE apps, right out of the box. The integrated support for your terminal emulation apps makes it simple to migrate from Windows to Android – No user training or backend modification required.
  • Rich locationing support.
  • Advanced industrial scanning and superior scan range.
  • Vibrate feedback  mode.
  • Touchscreen and keypad input.
  • Doubles as a walkie-talkie with no extra cost.
  • All-day comfort.
  • NFC for simple pairing.

Download the datasheet to learn more!

Ultra-Rugged Design for Any Environment

Above all, the MC9300 is the most rugged device in its class. Also, the MC9300 can handle extremely harsh climates. It is virtually waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof, tumble-proof and so much more. So as you can see, the reliability of the MC9300 is second-to-none. And, whether your environment includes coolers, freezers, or the presence of hazardous materials, the MC9300 will meet your needs.

Finally, no matter the task at hand, the environment you’re in, or any other situation, the MC9300 is the device for your business. There’s not much this device can’t do, which is even more of a reason to invest in this product. We can’t wait to see how much more efficient your workflows are after using this certainly ultra-rugged device.

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