Increase Productivity with the New MC9300

The New Mobile Computer In the MC9000 Series

It’s amazing how much mobile computers help companies keep up with the demanding economy. Mobile computers help logistics and manufacturing companies as well as other markets. And, the newest devices were built to last. Mobile computers have significantly advanced over the past few years. The MC9300 mobile computer by Zebra can help companies evolve and keep up with increasing workflows. Warehouses and manufacturing plants worldwide have used over three million MC9000 series mobile computers to streamline operations. But today’s demanding customers require you to ship more orders every day, and faster than ever before.

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RMS Omega along with Zebra understand that outdated technology is a disadvantage but new technology is expensive. That’s why the Go Zebra Trade-In Program was created. It is designed to provide companies like your’s savings on smarter & harder working technology.

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Don’t Use Outdated Devices

We know that can be difficult to increase productivity. But, its necessary if you want to keep up with higher inventory and order volumes, greater workflow complexity, and shorter fulfillment times. Businesses need more advanced mobile computing functionality. Some challenges companies who use outdated technology face include:mobile computer in the warehouse

  • Laggy data capture
  • Low processing power
  • Slow WiFi speeds
  • Lack of security

If you’re using outdated devices, don’t worry! The MC9300 can help solve those challenges and more!

The Top 5 Benefits of the MC9300

There are many reasons why companies have switched to using the MC9300 mobile computer including:mc9300

1. Rise to meet sky-rocketing demands.

2. Create the perfect device for every job.

3. More ways to capture more types of data.

4. Keypad and touchscreen support for your apps.

5. Mobility DNA for an unmatched feature set and value.

With these benefits, companies have seen a significant ROI. They have increased staff productivity, higher warehouse throughput, enhanced customer service, lower migration costs, and more.

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Features of the MC9300

The MC9300 helps companies take productivity and efficiency to the next level. The MC9300 has many features including:mc9300 warehouse inventory

  • The ultimate in advanced data capture. Whether barcodes are in hand, on the uppermost shelves of your racks, or somewhere in between, the MC9300 can capture them all. Plus, your employees will be able to capture the most challenging marks with ease.
  • Unmatched WiFi delivered. Workforce productivity is actually tied to the quality of the WiFi connections to your applications. Well, now you can make sure every member of your staff has the best possible connection every minute of every shift.
  • A lifetime security guard for Android. With Zebra’s LifeGuard™ for Android™ you can count on the security updates you need to keep your MC9300 mobile computers secure every day they are in service. While any given version of Android is typically supported by Google for three years, your ultra-rugged MC9300 is designed to serve your business for a minimum of five years.

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