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Mobility Edge – Future-Proof Technology

Mobility Edge is Honeywell’s new platform for all of their mobile computers. Its a unified and dynamic platform design to reduce complexity to build, deploy, manage, and extend the lifecycle of mobile solutions across enterprises better, faster, with less risk, and lower cost.

Watch a short video about Honeywell’s Mobility Edge:

Components of Mobility Edge Platform

The Mobility Edge platform is made up of three main components. System on a Module (SOM) is the first component. It is an Android-based, single certified module that includes CPU, memory, WWan, WLAN, BT, NFC, and Zigbee. SOM is the core of all global mobile computing offerings moving forward when it comes to Honeywell devices. The SOM will be used in handhelds, vehicle-mounted computers, tablets, and more. This means, no matter the form factor of the device, the SOM will be able to streamline your business. And, the SOM will be available through the year 2023, which means your business is future-proofed.

The second component of the Mobility Edge platform is development, deployment, and performance optimizing tools. Deployment tools include staging hub and set-up wizard. These tools will help you deploy the Mobility Edge with ease and simplicity. Performance optimizing tools include wireless tether & find my device, voice wedge, and ML/AI-based learning engines for optimization in batter, decoding, and dimensioning.

And, the final component is Android security, support, and services. Android will support Mobility Edge from versions N through Q (4 versions) on a single piece of hardware. Then, there will the 5+ years of support for security updates following the last OS version release. In addition to Android support, Honeywell has its own Cyber Security team to aid in the prevention of data theft.

Benefits of Mobility Edge

There are several benefits that companies will find when using Mobility Edge. These benefits include:

  • Flexibility and reduced costs to deploy additional device form factors and classes due to no added device or certification costs.
  • Reduce costs and time to deploy, manage, and optimize mobile device via a complete suite of tools that are common across the entire portfolio of products.
  • Optimized performance over time via learning engines.
  • Reduced TCO via enterprise OS lifecycle support that extends through 2015.
  • Piece of mind via security patch support and Honeywell’s Cyber Security capabilities.

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