Discover the Benefits of Using a Unified Platform with Mobility Edge & Android

It’s important to have real-time visibility into materials, parts, and finished goods flowing through your warehousing and manufacturing operations. With that information, you can optimize processes, ensure product pedigree, and maintain consistent quality control. With the Mobility Edge Platform by Honeywell, you will be able to reduce the complexity and costly maintenance of disparate mobile devices across multiple locations.

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Tackling the Challenge of Mobility With Mobility Edge

mobility edge
For companies to thrive in today’s world, they must deploy the latest mobile technology solutions in order to drive maximum efficiency, productivity, and workforce mobility. However, companies cannot sacrifice security, reliability, performance, and management features. With Mobility Edge, companies are finally able to have a unified solution that can:
  • Accelerate deployment
  • Optimize business performance
  • Extend lifecycle
  • Strengthen security

Learn about the 4 Reasons to Use Unified Platform: Download the Mobility Edge Solution Brief.

Mobility Edge guarantees support through Android R, which gives you the longest security lifecycle in the industry. Plus, Mobility Edge delivers faster, more secure, and more cost-effective business outcomes. And, Mobility Edge will help you reduce the complexity and costly maintenance of mobile devices across multiple locations.

Check out an infographic to learn more about the key challenges of enterprise mobility.

And, view this infographic to learn about the Mobility Edge Platform to help solve these challenges.

Honeywell recently released 2 new devices on the Mobility Edge Platform: the Dolphin CK65 and Thor VM1A.

Swim With the Dolphin CK65 Mobile Computer

ck65 honeywell

The CK65 mobile computer boosts supply chain productivity by accelerating and error-proofing manufacturing and distribution processes. It has best-in-class ruggedness, and certainly the longest supported lifecycle available (up to 28 hours). The CK65 also has the ability to maximize uptime while providing an easy path for users migrating from Windows operating system to Android. The CK65 offers:

  • Fast ROI and easy deployment
  • Advanced network connectivity
  • Fast processor
  • Enhanced 1D/2D scanning
  • Outstanding battery life

Watch a video to learn more about the Dolphin CK65!

Or, download the datasheet.

Honeywell will be releasing the CK65 phase 2, beginning at the end of 2019. There will be additional models including:

  • Cold storage
  • Extended smart battery
  • Large numeric keypad
  • RFID sled
  • Increased drop spec
  • Non-incendive

Contact us to learn more about the CK65 phase 2!

vm1a vehicle mount honeywell mobility edge

Thor VM1A Vehicle-Mounted Computer

The Thor VM1A Vehicle-Mounted Computer can assist in accelerating deployment and provisioning, extending the lifecycle, and optimizing performance for lower cost of ownership and better investment protection. Powerful, compact, and certainly ergonomic, the Thor VM1A has many breakthrough features destined to minimize visual obstructions, maximize productivity, and reduce or eliminate downtime.

Discover all of the VM1A’s features – download the datasheet.

Goodbye Windows Mobile

CK75 Rugged Honeywell Handheld Computer Warehouse Computing

On January 14, 2020, support will end for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5. From that point on, all devices running Windows will be unprotected against security threats. The deadline will be here before we all know it. So make sure you’re ready! With the deadline quickly approaching, be sure to plan your upgrade strategy now to avoid hiccups in your operations. After the deadline passes, technology security fixes, advances, and updates will end. This can leave your business at risk.

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