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See RMS Omega at MODEX 2020 in Booth 3127

RMS Omega will be returning to MODEX 2020 in Atlanta on March 9-12 at Booth 3127. Come visit us for giveaways, demonstrations and the chance to talk to industry experts about RFID, advanced locationing technology, and voice automation solutions in the supply chain. Schedule a time to meet with us for a live demo on voice automation, RFID, and location technology solutions. We hope to see you there as we show off some exciting new technology solutions!

RMS Omega RFID and Location Solutions 

RMS Omega is a certified RFID partner of Zebra Technologies as well as a certified provider of Zebra’s location solutions. Location solutions by Zebra make real-time data more obtainable and provide visibility throughout the supply chain. As a result, managers and other decision-makers have a wealth of data and actionable insights. Similarly to RFID, locationing technology utilizes automatic identification of people and assets combined with real-time location systems (RTLS) in order to visualize the data for managers to interpret and react. Having a solution that provides predictive analytics is critical in the supply chain where quantity and timing are everything.

Benefits of Location Technology in the Supply Chain

Adopting location technologies in the supply chain allows organizations to:

  • Track and manage assets
  • See product flows from manufacturing, distribution, and returns
  • Monitor the physical environments where goods are stored and shipped
  • Track and enforce compliance
  •  Monitor workflow and identify bottleneck

Zebra’s enabling technologies, including RFID and RTLS, along with RMS Omega’s trained engineers, can illuminate the daily events involving assets, people and actions in real-time. The technology provides real-time data on the location, condition, timing, accuracy, and speed of the events occurring throughout an organization’s daily operations. Come see how RMS Omega is streamlining operations in the supply chain and providing complete visibility of the value chain for better-informed business decisions.

RFID Asset Tracking

RFID is also a great solution for tracking assets as they move throughout your facility. ASSETracs by RFIDPros, a division of RMS Omega, is a software platform that offers the ideal asset visibility solution. Plus, ASSETracs also works flawlessly with Zebra handheld and fixed RFID readers. This user-friendly solution provides 4 main functions:

  • It allows you to count and inventory your assets
  • ASSETracs allows users to locate assets
  • The software also has an administrative platform that shows real-time reports.
  • ASSETracs allows users to add custom requirements.

Watch a video to learn more about RMS Omega’s ASSETracs RFID asset tracking software:

Voice Automation with AccuSpeech

In addition to RFID and RTLS solutions, we will be showing off the power of voice automation with our partner AccuSpeechMobile. Voice can easily be added to existing applications on enterprise devices, creating hands-free workflows. The intuitive nature of voice and the ability to use a variety of language options dramatically reduce onboarding time and training while boosting productivity. Furthermore, with a voice interface, companies have been able to increase productivity by 10-40% for each application. For example, Cabelas and NBG Home have both reported a 20% increase in productivity from voice enablement with AccuSpeech.

Overall, voice provides an easy plug-and-play solution that can be integrated seamlessly throughout multiple areas of the supply chain.

Learn More with RMS Omega at MODEX 2020

RFID, location, and voice are technology solutions that are expected to see rapid adoption in the supply chain. Solutions like RFID, location, and voice work to significantly reduce errors and boost productivity, giving organizations a competitive edge. Learn more about unleashing advanced supply chain data with locationing and automating workflows with voice at booth 3127 at MODEX. See you in Atlanta!

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