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New Warehouse Mobile Computer

mc3300 warehouse mobile computerZebra’s new MC3300 is a warehouse mobile computer that will take your facility to the next level. It is designed to give you more than other mobile computers, more models, more scanning options, more rugged design, and more advanced accessories. And even better, it offers everything you need in order to run your business today and tomorrow.

Easily Transition Your Apps to Android

The MC3300 mobile computer has the perfect combination of touchscreen and keypad. So, whether your application requires touch or physical keypad input, we’ve got you covered. The touchscreen pages the way to migrate to intuitive touch-based interfaces. You get to choose the keypad that most simplifies data entry for your application. Choose between alphanumeric, numeric, and functional numeric.

Zebra’s mobile computers, including the MC3300, are a common platform for the warehouse and beyond. If you’re using Zebra Android handheld and wearable devices in the warehouse, workers and IT will benefit from a common operating system and solution platform. You’ll get the same user experience and management tools across different form factors throughout the warehouse and supply chain.

Unparalleled Scanning Performance and Optionsmc3300 warehouse mobile computer

Zebra built the MC3300 with the broadest scanning range for maximum scanning flexibility. Whether you need short, mid, or long range scanning, the MC3300 does it all. And no matter what conditions barcodes are in, this scanner captures it all – scratched, dirty, poorly printed, or under shrink wrap.

There are two standard scanning options available on the MC3300. The 1D/2D SE4570 and the 1D SE965 both offer superior scanning performance.

Easily Add Powerful New Zebra-Only Features with Mobility DNA

The MC3300 is equipt with SimulScan, a Mobility DNA app, that allows you to add features such as advanced scanning functionality and document capture. With the press of one button, you can opt to capture all barcodes on a label or only specific barcodes of your choosing. You can also collect data from specified fields on a form.

The MC3300 also doubles as a free walkie-talking and PBX handset. In order to boost productivity and efficiency even higher, you can use Mobility DNA’s unique voice apps on the MC3300.

Applications for the MC3300 Warehouse Mobile Computer

Zebra built the MC3300 with features that can help warehouses get maximum flexibility, power, durability, and comfort. In industries such as warehousing and distribution, the MC3300 can be used in applications including:

mc3300 warehouse mobile computer

  • Warehouse management
  • Picking and put-away
  • Returns processing
  • Voice-directed applications
  • EDI transactions
  • Yard management

In addition to warehousing and distribution, the MC3300 can be used in manufacturing applications such as inventory management, supply-line replenishment, safety testing, parts tracking, and more.

Download the MC3300 datasheet.