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Zebra Technologies transforms supply chains, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing through innovative and strategically implemented technologies. Beyond developing the latest cutting-edge technology, Zebra also designs its products with industry needs in mind. Everything from advanced real-time location solutions to labels is industry-tested and built for unique business applications to ensure optimal performance and results. Zebra’s extensive product portfolio includes mobile barcoding, scanning, printing, labels, and a host of tailored software products. In addition to traditional barcoding, Zebra is also a leader in developing healthcare-grade devices along with RFID tags and hardware. Furthermore, on account of changing business environments that require advanced data collection, Zebra has become a pioneer in the development of real-time location technology and data analytics platforms.

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RMS Omega and Zebra: Combining Industry-Leading Technology with Industry Expertise

Zebra Technologies Premier PartnerAs a Zebra Technologies Partner, RMS Omega provides extensive knowledge of Zebra’s entire product portfolio in addition to providing certified services and repairs. Our industry experts will assist you through every step of your project, including solution design and qualification, device selection, training, and deployment. More importantly, we offer ongoing service, support, and on-site or mail-in/depot repairs. RMS Omega’s in-house services and support are certified for all Zebra printer repairs and available to ensure that your investment stays protected.

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Regardless of your industry or need, our specialists and service technicians are committed to finding a tailored solution that is best for you. In addition to this, RMS Omega provides you with comprehensive knowledge of all Zebra software and hardware products.

Zebra RFID Technologies

  • RFD8500

    RFID Readers

    Zebra Technologies is an industry leader in the development of RFID products and solutions. RFID readers allow you to obtain data from tags that contain information about your assets, inventory, personnel, and equipment. RFID readers can be either handheld or in a fixed location. These two types of readers have many differences including their intended purposes. RMS Omega is here to guide you through selecting the right RFID equipment for your application.

    Handheld Readers 

    • RFD8500
    • RFD2000
    • MC3330R

    Fixed Readers

    • FX9600
    • FX9500
    • FX7500
  • zt600

    RFID Printers

    Every RFID solution starts with RFID tags. With Zebra’s RFID printers, you can create whatever you need, from small item-level hang tags to case and pallet labels to photographic quality RFID-enabled identity cards.

    A global leader in passive RFID technologies, Zebra Technologies, delivers innovative RFID printing and encoding products to meet tomorrow’s application needs today.  And, Zebra leads the industry with a broad product portfolio that spreads across industrial, mobile, desktop and card printers, supporting wide-ranging applications across a variety of markets.


    • ZQ520


    • ZD500R


    • ZT600
    • ZT400
    • R110X14


Mobile Computing

  • mc9300

    Zebra Enterprise Mobile Computers

    Zebra’s handheld mobile computers offer the very latest in architecture, from processors to power management for long battery life and memory required to support the most demanding applications. Zebra’s patented technology ensures accurate capture of even damaged or hard-to-read barcodes. Zebra’s line of mobile computing products meets a diverse range of needs, performance abilities, and budgets.

    High-Performance Industrial Devices

    • TC8300
    • MC9300
    • MC3300

    Enterprise Handhelds

    • TC72
    • TC57
    • TC52

Enterprise Tablets

  • Zebra Tablet Enterprise Rugged Tablet for Business

    Zebra Enterprise Tablets

    From inventory, delivery, field service, point-of-sale, repair and incident response, Zebra tablets tackle a variety of challenges with accuracy and efficiency. Zebra tablets are as rugged as they are versatile, meeting the demands and extreme environments of all industries. Zebra’s line of rugged and high-performance tablets includes these best-sellers:

    • L10
    • ET51/ET56
    • ET50/ET55

Wearable Devices

  • WT6000 Zebra MC

    Wearable Mobile Computers

    Lightweight yet rugged, Zebra wearable computers are built with the latest data capture and voice technology. They keep workers’ hands and eyes on the task at hand. Wearable computers are beneficial for picking, replenishment, stocking, packing, shipping, and receiving applications.

    • WT6000
    • WT41N0
  • Zebra HD4000

    Wearable HUD

    Improve productivity and task accuracy with the first of its kind rugged HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display. Put the information your workers need right into their real-time field of view, enabling hands-free, directed action, workflows that increase order processing, repair, and production volumes – without adding staff or expanding your production lines.

    • HD 4000
  • RS5000_Ring Scanner_Zebra

    Ring Scanners

    Zebra’s ring scanners pair with mobile computers through corded or Bluetooth connection. Ring scanners by Zebra allow streamlined, hands-free workflows and are capable of scanning four times farther than competing scanners. Zebra ring scanners are also designed for rugged industrial environments as well as the cold chain.

    • RS6000
    • RS5000
    • RS419
    • RS507
  • Rugged cabled headset for the warehouse

    Wearable Rugged Headsets

    Zebra’s headsets are loaded with features that offer everything you need in an industrial headset — a rugged design for a superior total cost of ownership, HD Voice for unparalleled audio clarity, consumer styling, exceptional comfort and ease of use, modular design, and plenty of battery power to keep Bluetooth models up and running throughout the longest shift.

    • HS3100
    • RCH51

Barcode Scanning

  • ds8108 general purpose handheld scanners

    General Barcode Scanners

    The general purpose scanner family from Zebra is designed to meet a wide range of scanning needs – with high-end feature-packed scanners for high-volume scan-intensive environments to value-priced scanners for small businesses. Some of Zebra’s most popular options include:

    • DS2200
    • DS8100
    • DS4308-XD
    • LI2208
    • LS2208
  • 3600 series

    Rugged Barcode Scanners

    Many industrial environments need scanners that are not only able to withstand the elements and heavy wear but are also designed to deliver the performance required to keep up with high-speed applications and fast-paced environments. Zebra barcode scanners combine industry-leading data capture technology with an exterior virtually impervious to damage, allowing you to ensure operator productivity while guarding against unnecessary equipment downtime or expensive replacement costs. Zebra’s most effective rugged options include:

    • 3600 Series
    • LS3408
    • DS3578

Industrial Printing

  • zt410

    High-Volume Label Printers

    Zebra’s high-performance barcode printers stand up to the most demanding needs while consistently delivering unparalleled print quality. Zebra Technologies develops a variety of printers that provide continuous accurate performance, coupled with high print speeds and rugged durability. High- volume industrial printers by Zebra fit into a variety of applications, including RFID encoding. Some of Zebra’s top high-volume printer include:

    • ZT Series
    • Xi Series
    • SL Plus Series
  • Mid Range Printers

    Zebra’s mid range industrial and commercial barcode printers offer reliable and economical solutions for a wide range of applications and environments. Zebra’s mid range printers are rugged and provide the ability to produce a moderate-volume of printed labels for a variety of applications including product labeling, shipping/receiving, compliance, and others. Popular mid range printers include:

    • Zebra ZT Series
    • Zebra Z Series
    • Zebra 105SL

Desktop Printers

  • Zebra Desktop Printers from RMS Omega a zebra authorized service provider

    Compact Zebra Label Printers

    Where space is limited, Zebra desktop barcode printers are a compact, affordable and easy-to-operate solution. Zebra desktop printers offer a range of solutions including patient I.D. wristbands, retail pricing labels, shipping and packaging labels, evidence and asset labels, visitor I.D. badges, and more. Popular desktop printers include:

    • ZD Series
    • Zebra G Series
    • 2824 Plus Series
    • LP/TLP 2844/3800 Series

Wristband Printers

Mobile Printers

  • Zebra Mobile Printers

    Zebra’s broad range of mobile printers, combined with wireless technology, enables on-the-spot label and receipt printing in almost any environment. Printing on-site helps increase employee productivity and accuracy. Zebra mobile printers can produce barcodes, receipts, invoices, reports, retail shelf labels, shipping labels, and more. Popular models include:

    • ZQ Series
    • QLn Series
    • RW Series
    • iMZ Series

Zebra Software & Enterprise Productivity Solutions

  • Workforce Connect Voice Software

    Workforce Connect | Mobile Communication Software

    Your mobile task and knowledge workers depend on their Zebra devices to access information and perform everyday job functions. But when it comes to the many phone calls routed through the private branch exchange (PBX) to and from co-workers, managers, and customers throughout the day, your workers are still dependent on their desk phone. With Workforce Connect Voice, you can turn Zebra mobile computers into powerful mobile desk phones that deliver comprehensive PBX functionality right to the fingertips of your mobile workers.

Zebra Services

  • Zebra MDM

    Zebra Device Management

    To maximize the benefit of your mobility investment in Zebra mobile computers and printers, you need visibility into operational information, both asset-centric and operational performance. By using a cloud-based management and integration platform, managed services can give you anywhere, anytime access to your data, enabling timely decision making and the ability to take the action required to improve business performance. Managed and visibility services tell you:

    • Where your devices are
    • How your devices are performing
    • If the devices are being fully utilized
    • If the devices are properly configured with a fully charged battery for full-shift power
  • zebra printer repair specialist

    Zebra Printer Repair

    RMS Omega Technologies is a certified Zebra Printer Repair Specialist! Our team of professional service technicians can provide certified manufacturer repairs on Zebra products, including:

    • Barcode label printers
    • RFID printers
    • Print engines

    Our service technicians continue to participate in continuing education courses to maintain our status as a Printer Repair Specialist to offer our customers the best service possible.