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Pharmacy Thermal Labels

Using the Correct Pharmacy Labels

In any barcoding solution, it is important to have the right technology.  Having the right hardware and software are extremely important.  However, using the right supplies are just as essential as using the right hardware and software combination.  Using the right labels, tags, and printing supplies allows for reliable and accurate barcode scanning and printing.  Your hospital pharmacy is different than the rest of the hospital.  When mistakes are made in the pharmacy, medication may be distributed in the wrong amount or even to the wrong patient.  Ensure accuracy and tie your solution together by using pharmacy thermal labels.

Using the right pharmacy thermal labels has many benefits:

  • Increased safety in your pharmacy.  The thermal labels are scanned to verify and record medication dispensing.
  • Reduce medication dispensing errors.  Ensure the correct medication in the correct dosage will be administered to the correct patient.
  • Improve pharmacy operations.  Manage all phases of the medication management process.
  • Access vital information.  Review patient information and the doctor’s prognosis to support the five rights of medication administration.

Recommended Pharmacy Thermal Labels & Printers

In the pharmacy, we recommend using direct thermal printing.  Direct thermal printing does not require a ribbon so information is not duplicated.

The GK420HC printer by Zebra is a good printer for healthcare environments, including the pharmacy.  The GK420HC comes in both thermal transfer and direct thermal models.  They are made with healthcare plastics so they can withstand the harsh chemicals in disinfecting agents.  They have fast print speeds, are easy to use, and will help you improve overall efficiency throughout the hospital and pharmacy. Download the data sheet.

To go along with the GK420, you’ll need good-quality pharmacy thermal labels.  Although a pharmacy may not be thought of as a rough environment, the rest of the hospital can expose these labels to harsh environments.  Make sure you choose labels that are chemical resistant and waterproof.  They also need to be able to stick on a curved surface since medication bottles are typically round.

To choose the right pharmacy thermal labels and tags, use our Zebra Supplies Selector Tool. Just choose your printer, type of supplies, printer technology, media type, and size.

If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, contact us to speak with an expert today!

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