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Hardware : Wearable ComputersZebra Wearable Mobile Computing

Hands-free Productivity in the Warehouse

Wearable mobile computers, ring scanners, and headsets increase hands-free efficiency.

Lightweight yet rugged, Zebra wearable computers are built with the latest data capture and voice technology. They keep workers’ hands and eyes on the task at hand.

Benefits of wearable mobile computers

Zebra’s wearable portfolio offers:

  • Most extensive wearable line in the industry
  • The most advanced mobile computing, scanning and voice technology
  • Award-winning wearable ergonomics for all-day comfort
  • Rugged construction for the warehouse
  • High-performance computing platforms
  • High-speed 802.11a/b/g/n wireless connectivity
  • Flexible application support: voice-only, text-only and voice and text
  • Enterprise manageability and support

Zebra Wearable Devices

  • WT6000 Wearable Computer

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    The Next Generation in Industrial Wearable Computers brings Unparalleled Comfort to Hands-Free Mobility

    Wearable computers give workers the hands-free mobility they need to boost productivity to a new level. But your workers find today’s wearables uncomfortable — until now. Introducing the WT6000, the new Android wearable computer that sets a new standard for enterprise-class wearability. It’s smaller and lighter than other wearables on the market. With the incredible new mounting system, the WT6000 fits comfortably on every worker, on any size arm. The larger touchscreen provides more real estate to display intuitive graphical Android applications. Integrated NFC allows workers to instantly tap-to-pair with Zebra’s Bluetooth ring scanner, Bluetooth headset, and Bluetooth printers at the start every shift, making it easy to deploy a complete hands-free speech-directed solution. And the industrial rugged design delivers maximum uptime in your most demanding environments. The result? Maximum comfort. Maximum durability. Maximum workforce productivity. The WT6000 — putting the wearable in industrial wearable computing.

  • Zebra HD4000

    HD 4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display

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    Improve productivity and task accuracy with the first of its kind rugged HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display. Put the information your workers need right into their real-time field of view, enabling hands-free directed action workflows that increase order processing, repair, and production volumes – without adding staff or expanding your production lines.

  • motorola wearable computer

    WT41N0 Series Wearable Computer

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    Boost worker productivity with high-performance, hands-free mobile computing and scanning.

    Arm your workers with advanced, real-time, hands-free mobile computing with the WT41N0 Wearable Terminal. This rugged device will allow you to achieve maximum error-proof productivity, operational efficiency and accuracy through voice compatibility for streamlined warehouse and package handling functions.

  • HS3100/HS2100 Rugged Headsets

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    Rugged Bluetooth and Corded HD Voice Headsets for the Most Demanding Industrial Environments

    When it comes to enabling speech-driven applications and voice communications in warehouses, manufacturing plants and outdoor yards, you need a headset that is specially designed for the job.

    The HS3100 Bluetooth and HS2100 corded headsets are loaded with features that offer everything you need in an industrial headset — a rugged design for a superior total cost of ownership, HD Voice for unparalleled audio clarity, consumer styling, exceptional comfort and ease of use, modular design and plenty of battery power to keep Bluetooth models up and running throughout the longest shift. And the HS3100 cordless model gives workers the freedom to walk as far as 30 ft./10 m from the mobile device. Give your workers the superior voice experience they need to maximize productivity in your speech-directed applications with the HS3100 and HS2100 rugged headsets — only from Zebra.

  • RS5000_Ring Scanner_Zebra

    RS5000 1D/2D Corded Ring Scanner

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    Improve the Productivity of Your Zebra Wearable Computer Users with Cost-Effective Hands-Free 1D/2D Scanning

    Want to maximize the productivity of your Zebra wearable computer users? With Zebra’s hands-free RS5000 scanner, you can. Your workers can capture virtually any barcode at lightning speed with point-and-shoot simplicity — 1D or 2D, in virtually any condition. When it comes to comfort, the RS5000 delivers — this lightweight, perfectly balanced little scanner is worn on a single finger on either hand, leaving both hands free to handle materials. And since the warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing plants are some of the toughest environments, this little scanner is big on durability. Your workers can drop it, spray it with water and even use it in the freezer — and still expect reliable operation. Get the powerful little ring scanner that delivers more — more productive workers, more value out of your Zebra wearable computers and more satisfied customers.

  • rs6000 ring scanner

    RS6000 1D/2D Bluetooth Ring Scanner

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    Improve Productivity in Your Operations With the Industry’s Most Advanced and Most Rugged Bluetooth Ring Scanner

    When you pair your Zebra wearable or handheld mobile computers with Zebra’s RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner, you give your workers the superior technology they need to take productivity to the next level. You get our most rugged ring-style scanner, built to deliver reliable operation in the warehouse and manufacturing plant — inside, on the loading dock or in the freezer. Your workers can scan faster and almost four times farther than competitive wearable scanners. You get up to five times the battery power of competitive devices, along with instant pairing and a mode that eliminates Wi-Fi interference for fast, easy and hassle-free deployment of Bluetooth devices. And right and left hand operation with manual or triggerless scanning allows workers to use the most effective mode for the task at hand. Maximize the value of your workforce and your wearable mobile computers with the RS6000 — only from Zebra.

  • Rugged cabled headset for the warehouse

    RCH51 Headset

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    hands free data collection technology voice in the warehouseEnhance Productivity with Hands-Free, Voice-Directed Mobility.

    With its comprehensive feature set, the Zebra RCH51 helps to replace paper with voice in even the most demanding enterprise environments. Designed to perform everywhere from the warehouse, freezer and loading dock to the factory, the RCH51 headset enhances the productivity of workers involved in receiving, picking, replenishment, putaway, shipping and other inventory-related tasks. Through the use of voice-directed applications, the RCH51 reduces cycle times and errors, while increasing throughput at the heart of the business.

  • RS419 Ring Scanner

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    Put next generation hands-free scanning at workers’ fingertips.

    Using the small and lightweight RS419 ring scanner, warehouse, retail and distribution center workers enjoy hands-free all-day comfort, the latest in scanning technology and a rugged design for everyday dependable operation, indoors and outdoors. By putting the RS419 ring scanner on their fingers and combining it with a Zebra WT4XXX wearable mobile computer, workers are free to keep their hands and eyes on the items they are handling, increasing their productivity.

  • Hands free ring scanner and imager cordless and corded

    RS507 Hands-Free Imager

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    Hands-Free Corded/Cordless 1D/2D Scanning.

    The RS507 Hands-Free Imager gives workers the superior blend of technology, form and function needed to achieve a new level of productivity in package handling and warehouse applications. Advanced ergonomics, including Bluetooth® cordless freedom, provide unparalleled user comfort and movement — regardless of hand size or hand preference. As the most rugged scanner in its class, the RS507 offers reliable performance in demanding environments — from the loading docks to the warehouse floor and assembly line.