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New Technology Improves Profitability for Distribution Centers – Infographic

Boosting productivity levels and reducing costs in distribution centers can be easy with the right technology. About 3,000 hours per year are lost at distribution centers due to inefficient processes. Don’t let that happen to you!

Save Time & Money in Distribution Centers

Access to timely and accurate information is the key to minimizing costly inventory investments. With the right technology solution, you can track data in real time, reducing order processing and ship time, improving order accuracy, reducing inventory levels and increasing employee productivity.

Simplify Packing & Loading

Mobile computing technology provides accurate data from picking to the shipping department, allowing staff to verify the order, and print bills of lading with all the customer shipping information. Wireless devices can also provide coordination with shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx.

Accurate Pickingwarehouse shipping wearable mobile computer and scanner - audit automation

Providing your workers with a wearable computer will allow them to work continuously without having to stop and pick up a device. Wearable computers also eliminate the risk of repetitive stress injuries. Users will be able to enter data using voice activation rather than manual entry, which will reduce errors.

Staying on Top of Inventory Controlfork lift vehicle mount computer thor and scanner

With the latest & greatest technology, you will be able to track inventory as it moves through your distribution center efficiently. You can get accurate, up to date, and complete inventory count, receive early indicators¬†of loss and theft and eliminate stock shortages. By obtaining all that knowledge, you’ll be able to create the most efficient workflows.

Are you ready to improve profitability in your distribution center?

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