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Stay Safe, Healthy, & Reduce Infection with Proper Device Management

Our thoughts are with all of the families and individuals who have been impacted by the current COVID-19 outbreak and it is a priority to keep our teams safe. Along with our company’s response to COVID-19, this article contains information and recommendations for proper device management and disinfection for both our hospitals and the supply chain clients we serve to combat the spread of infection.

RMS Omega’s Response to COVID-19

The spread of the COVID-19 virus has become an international issue affecting people in all industries. As we keep our eye on the daily developments regarding the virus we would like to keep you informed of what we are doing to deter the spread of disease. We are also monitoring how the pandemic is affecting our supply chain and inventory levels. We recommend placing orders for known projects and talking with your account managers to reserve inventory if and when possible to prevent delays for future projects. Furthermore, we have outlined some steps for proper management of your enterprise devices including handhelds, RFID readers, scanners, and printers so you can keep your employees safe and continue to encourage a healthy work environment. It is important to note that proper device maintenance is critical for both healthcare and industrial organizations.

At RMS Omega we are taking measures to cproper device disinfection with TC series mobile computerurtail the spread of COVID-19, including:

  • Limited travel.
  • Voluntary work from home and social distancing.
  • Asking all employees who have any illness or symptoms to stay home.
  • Making proper hygiene a priority in the workplace.
  • Additional cleaning procedures. 

Lastly, it is our responsibility to pass along information to our customers about the steps they can take to ensure employee safety through the proper disinfection of their enterprise devices. We will be sure to keep you updated with any new developments or changes as we receive them from our manufacturing partners and distributors.

A Reminder to Practice Responsible Device Management

With the emergence of the COVID-19 virus becoming an international issue, providing information for safe device maintenance for our current and past customers is important. While hand hygiene has been well documented, knowing the proper precautions for enterprise devices is also important. Due to their convenience, versatility, and impact on job performance, mobile devices have almost become an extension of the hand. While these mobility solutions deliver many positive outcomes for productivity and performance, it is important to explore some of the associated risks and maintenance that come with these devices. Disinfection methods will vary between healthcare and non-healthcare grade products so the best practice is to take a look at the device’s user manual which will have the manufacturer-recommended cleaning methods. However, common disinfection steps include:

  • Turn the device off and disconnect from power.
  • Identify manufacturer-approved cleaning agents.
  • Apply cleaning agents with moistened wipes or a soft sterile cloth (do not apply directly to any device).
  • Do not soak or let cleaning agents pool on your devices – it could corrode the plastics over time. 
  • Wipe the device dry after cleaning thoroughly.
  • Let the device sit and completely dry before powering up.

It’s always smart to clean devices between shifts or upon the transfer of employees. If you need help finding your barcode scanner, RFID reader, mobile handheld, or printer’s recommended cleaning instructions, please contact us. We’re happy to help you find the information you need!

Prevent Infection with Healthcare Devices

Mobile devices in healthcare provide an array of benefits, allowing personnel to have access to critical information at the point-of-care. Consequently, patient records have become more accessible and collaborative throughout organizations. At the same time, multiple workers use the same mobile devices throughout the day, increasing the risk of infection. Although most healthcare grade devices are made with anti-microbial plastic they still require disinfection.

Disinfecting Healthcare Devices

Honeywell Healthcare Devices

Honeywell is the first manufacturer of AIDC products to incorporate disinfectant-ready housings. These plastics are designed to withstand the abrasive cleaning agents used in healthcare that prevent the spread of disease. The following are approved cleaning solutions for Honeywell healthcare devices:

  • Sani-Cloth® HB
  • Sani-Cloth® Plus
  • 409® Glass and Surface Cleaner
  • CaviWipesTM
  • Clorox® Bleach – 10%
  • Gentle Dish Soap and Water
  • Virex® 256
  • Windex® Blue
  • Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (70%)
  • Super Sani-Cloth®

Learn more about disinfecting your Honeywell Healthcare Devices

Zebra Healthcare Devices

Cleaning and disinfection procedures are different for each of Zebra’s healthcare product lines. Different categories of approved cleaning agents include alcohol, hydrogen peroxide/acid, ammonium and bleach. Please refer to the guides below for disinfecting Zebra healthcare mobile computers, scanners, and printers. For non-healthcare models, please consult the user guide for the device.

Disinfection for Non-Healthcare Devices Disinfect industrial devices

It is important to note that the practices for healthcare devices do not apply to other enterprise devices. Unlike healthcare devices, industrial devices are made with materials that are less resistant to microorganisms and chemicals. Therefore, these devices require different cleaning solutions with less abrasive agents. The best practice for cleaning non-healthcare devices is to consult the manufacturer user guide for each device, as we mentioned above. However, the following general guides can also be used to properly disinfect all Honeywell non-healthcare devices. If you need help finding the information you need, please let us know.

Honeywell Non-Healthcare Device Disinfection Guides

Even if you are not in the healthcare field we still highly recommend routine cleaning of all enterprise devices. Once again, we advise all organizations to follow the steps outlined and routinely disinfect devices to curb the spread of disease. Please contact us if you have any questions about manufacturer-recommended cleaning practices along with what we and our partners are doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.