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Protecting your Products with Tamper Evident Barcode Labels

Tamper-Evident Product counterfeiting, label switching, warranty tampering, and vandalism cause enormous annual losses for product manufacturers and retailers. Tamper evident labels are designed to deter these losses and verify product authenticity, ascertaining that the product itself is intact and that the labeling has not been switched or altered.

Tamper Evident Film is waterproof, grease-resistant, and does not break down when exposed to temperature fluctuations — so despite the best efforts of today’s thieves, your property will be protected. They are simple to apply and extremely effective. After the label has been adhered to the product and allowed to set up, it cannot be removed without leaving telltale evidence of tampering, and it can never be transferred to another product.

Tamper Evident Labels are used for:
tamper evident label shows damage

  • Protecting your products and equipment
  • Automotive & parts labels
  • Electrical & electronic goods
  • Secure packaging
  • Aircraft and automotive inspection maintenance

* Print your Tamper Evident labels with Datamax-O’Neil’s scratch and solvent-resistant, Wax-Resin and Resin ribbons for a clean dark, and durable image.

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Print Tamper Evident Labels with a High-Performance Industrial Printer.

The rugged and versatile H-Class industrial printer offers superior print quality, fast print speeds, and numerous features and options for the most dynamic enterprise applications. The H-Class printer is ideal for high-volume label printing in:

  • Manufacturing class
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Transportation
  • High-Resolution Labeling