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Recycle Your Old Batteries for Scanners, Printers & Mobile Computers!

Be kind to the planet, recycle your old batteries!

recycleDo you have old batteries from your scanners, printers, mobile computer, etc. and are not sure what to do with them? Well the answer is: recycle, recycle, and recycle. Just because a rechargeable battery is financially and environmentally responsible does not make them safe to throw away in the trash. In the majority of states, it is actually illegal to toss your old batteries in the trash.

Most states have initiated prohibitive laws for the disposal of your old batteries. On May 13, 1996 the EPA measure Mercury-Containing Rechargeable Battery Management Act, 42 U.S.C 14301-14336 (“Battery Act”) was signed into law. The purpose of this law is to allow for the safe handling and disposal of rechargeable batteries, placing responsibility on the manufacturers and distributors. You can learn more about responsible recycling practices by visiting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at www.epa.gov.

Mobile Computer BatterySo, looking to recycle your old batteries? Contact the company you purchased batteries or equipment from and see if they have a recycling program. If they do not, there are several companies that can do this for you.

Products_HMC9000-LI(24)_bigCall2Recycle® is the only free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in the United States. You can visit their website at www.call2recycle.org. Simply enter your zip code and they will provide you with the nearest collection site location where you can properly and legally dispose of your batteries. Founded in 1994, Call2Recycle is funded by product manufacturers across the globe committed to environmentally sound recycling of rechargeable batteries. Since then, they have diverted over 60 million pounds of rechargeable batteries from the solid waste stream and established a network of 30,000 collection sites.

Staples also offers a program called EcoEasySM. They basically provide the same services as Call2Recycle®, but for a small fee. You can learn more about this program at https://www.staples.com/sbd/cre/marketing/ecoeasy/recycling.html. Or,download a quick overview of the program here.

By recycling batteries properly, you are not only abiding by the law, but also helping to ensure harmful mercury and other contaminants are properly disposed of.

Download EPA Responsible Recycling Practices.

Learn more about battery management for your Mobile Computers.

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