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Reduce Medical Errors with Blood Transfusion Verification

Delivering the right blood type to the right patient can mean the difference between life and death. When you automate the management, tracking and verification of blood for transfusions, errors are reduced, patient safety is increased and the supply and demand of blood become synched. Barcode technology and handheld mobile computers can help you track blood from the moment it’s drawn to the moment it’s given. By managing blood donation information across the blood supply chain, you increase the timeliness, safety and accuracy of transfusions.

Reduce the potential for blood transfusion errors—a preventable error for which the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will no longer reimburse.
For clear and accurate labeling, we recommend Zebra’s ISBT 128-compliant barcode blood bag labels. Zebra is one of just a few label converters licensed by the ICCBBA for ISBT 128 labels.

Starting with high-quality ISBT 128-compliant blood bag labels, you can clearly label and accurately track every blood product and avoid the waste and expense of having to destroy unidentifiable blood – even on blood products stored up to 10 years.

A strong label material and durable printed image provides ISBT 128-compliance and supports your commitment to patient safety.

  • Zebra labels are made of durable polypropylene material that is resistant to moisture—the label will remain intact whether you store it in a refrigerator or freezer.
  • Designed to work together to provide optimal quality and durability, Zebra’s thermal transfer blood bag labels and thermal barcode printers produce sharp, smear-proof, long-lasting barcodes, text and graphics that are resistant to moisture and common solvents—including alcohol and instant hand sanitizers. This ensures the text and barcode will remain readable.
  • Zebra’s blood bag labels adhere throughout the blood bag’s lifespan. With their strong adhesion and pliability, they can conform to the shape of the blood bag to further ease scanning and ensure high barcode read rates.
  • Blood bag labels are available in single, two-quadrant and full-face configurations.
  • zebra blood bagZebra 8000T Primary Blood Bag label uses FDA 175.105-compliant adhesives, so it can be applied directly to the bag without adhesion migration occurring.

Contact us for more information about ISBT 128-compliant labels, printing, and handheld mobile computing systems. As always, we’re happy to answer your questions.

Recommended Zebra Blood Bank Label Media –

  • 8000T Primary Blood Bag label—Specialty thermal transfer top-coated polypropylene label with a permanent acrylic adhesive that complies with FDA 175.105.
  • 8000T Blood Bag label—Specialty thermal transfer polypropylene label with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Intended for use as an overlay only.
  • Recommended genuine Zebra™ ribbons: 5555, 3200, 5586

Recommended Handheld Mobile Devices and Printers from Zebra Technologies and RMS Omega.