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RFID Journal LIVE! 2017 – RMS Omega & Zebra Technologies

RFID Inventory, Staff & Patient Tracking in Booth 604

Visit RMS Omega in the Zebra Technologies booth at RFID Journal LIVE! 2017 for an interactive demo! Visit us in Booth #604 and learn about hands-free inventory and asset tracking. You’ll also see first-hand the most efficient way to provide accurate patient identification in the hospital.

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Use RFID to Track Inventory & Assets in Industrial Environments

Track inventory and assets throughout the warehouse and stockroom, leveraging fixed mount and handheld equipment to provide live visibility and location data specific to the aisle, shelf, and shelf level locations. This same software platform can provide Full-Time Hands-Free inventory in high-density, dynamic, high-traffic retail environments.

Simplify inventory and asset management and create a real-time record of where items are. RFID sensors send real-time location information along with the quantities of each asset to our location tracking and inventory software.

Benefits of using RFID for inventory and asset tracking include:

  • Accuracy and speed of data capture and transmission, no matter what the industrial environment
  • Accurate, real-time inventory counts result in eliminating stock shortages and oversupply and preventing theft
  • Increased consistent productivity
  • Automated process means reduced opportunity for human intervention and error
  • Information for performance management and quality control
  • Track the exact location of items

Learn more about how you can use RFID in your warehouse or distribution center.

Positive Patient ID Made Easy With RFID TechnologyHealthcare Patient ID NICU

RestEasy RFID – RMS Omega’s Exclusive Solution for the NICU

With RMS Omega’s Patent Pending RFID wristband technology, a line of sight is not required to scan, locate, and collect patient data. Nurses can quickly scan and identify a patient without adjusting or disturbing them regardless of their position or orientation.

Use RFID to identify even your tiniest of patients. RMS Omega’s RestEasy RFID system allows you to positively identify infants in the NICU without having to un-swaddle or wake them. Using a comfortable, adjustable RFID infant ankle band, the RFID reader can read through an incubator or swaddle blanket while eliminating the potential for the scanner beam to get in the baby’s eyes. Nurses can quickly provide accurate, positive identification, allowing a sleeping infant to rest more peacefully and focus their strength on growing and healing. Studies have shown that the more an infant can rest in the NICU, the quicker they can recover.

RFID is a great solution for tracking patients, staff, inventory and assets throughout the hospital. Utilize RFID technology in the OR, NICU, PICU, ICU, or emergency departments for fast, accurate identification. Visit our booth for a live demo!

Watch a short video of our patent-pending RFID solution, RestEasy RFID:

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