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Let Us Figure Out What You Need

The purpose of a requirements documentation is for us to understand exactly what you’re trying to do. You will work closely with one of our solutions architects and help them gather information about your current system and workflow. This will help them determine where your pain points and challenges are. It will also help them figure out if RFID viable option. If RFID is a good option for you, we will figure out where in your operations or facility it makes the most sense.

Requirements Documentation Proposal

Our solutions architect will create a written proposal for you. The proposal essentially documents your needs, wants, and a potential plan for moving forward with RFID implementation. The document will include a project summary, timeframe, current operational workflows, proposed solutions, and any additional requirements.

A requirements documentation often reflects a site survey in addition to project requirements. It also serves as a basis for a proposal and Statement of Work. Once the requirements documentation is approved, RFIDPros will go ahead and submit the formal proposal.

Companies in a variety of industries have RFIDPros submit a requirements documentation. Some more popular industries that we work with include healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, and more. Learn more about our industry solutions.

Other Popular Professional Services for RFID Applications

RFIDPros offers an array of professional services that companies who are implementing RFID find useful. Whether they want to use RFID for asset tracking, inventory visibility, something else, or a combination of applications, our services were able to help. Some of our more popular services include:

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