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RMS Omega Technologies Acquires Systems Integrator ScanOnline

ScanOnline is Now An RMS Omega Company

RMS Omega Expands Technical and Managed Service Offering with the Acquisition of ScanOnline

The team at RMS Omega is excited to announce the acquisition of ScanOnline, a leading systems integrator and managed service provider based out of Charlotte, NC. ScanOnline is well-known for its enterprise network and mobile managed services and One Solution platform, delivering hardware, software, and support as a service. 

ScanOnline will continue to provide customers with the exceptional service and support they are known for, now as a division of RMS Omega. This milestone presents an exciting opportunity for both RMS Omega and ScanOnline to align our resources and enhance the service, expertise, and support we provide our collective customer and partner communities. 

As RMS Omega and ScanOnline combine forces, we’re excited to:

  • Expand our reach: Together, we’ll serve a broader range of clients, expand our capabilities in the automated identification and data capture industry, and grow our offerings with complementary technology, services and expertise. 
  • Enhance our technical resources: ScanOnline’s managed services and support team, combined with RMS Omega’s RFID, IoT and technical sales engineers, strengthens our ability to tackle and support complex business challenges. 
  • Embrace a shared vision: Both RMS Omega and ScanOnline are passionate about providing more than just hardware. We’re dedicated to delivering valuable solutions and ongoing customer support, exceeding expectations, and improving outcomes through innovative technology. We’re excited to collaborate and learn from each other.

We’re confident that this acquisition will unlock incredible opportunities for both RMS Omega and ScanOnline and, ultimately, for our valued customers. We’re eager to welcome the ScanOnline team to the RMS Omega family and embark on this exciting journey together! 

“What we have essentially accomplished by combining strategies with RMS Omega is to consolidate the financial, technical, and professional experience of both organizations. It is an exciting transitional moment for the combined history of both companies, leaving existing and prospective customers as the ultimate winners.” – Brian Graves, President, ScanOnline.

ScanOnline is Now a Part of RMS Omega!

Stay tuned for more updates as we integrate with ScanOnline and unveil the full potential of our combined forces!

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