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Scanner Repair Service – The Painless Way to Fix Barcode Scanners

pharmacy asset managementHow to Fix Barcode Scanner Malfunctions the Expedient and Simple Way

Successful companies are increasingly reliant on data collection technologies to make informed operational and management decisions. Barcode systems offer an extensive range of solutions to assist in tracking and controlling what happens to everything from people to products and physical assets. Real time data identifies people, locations, conditions and movement.

However, the data is available only when the barcode scanner does its job. Because the scanning devices are essentially required for day to day operation, it is important to know how to fix barcode scanner malfunctions quickly.

Trying to repair scanners yourself is a fruitless venture which can also void your warranty with the vendor.  The best solution is to contact your supplier or RMS Omega Authorized Repair Center.

RMS Omega offers comprehensive maintenance solutions designed to meet any of your scanner repair service requirements. For example, you may be using printers and barcode scanners from Zebra Technologies. This reputable company offers a complete line of printers and scanners. We are pleased to advise that RMS Omega is a Zebra Authorized Service Provider. Our technicians have undertaken comprehensive training in repairing and maintaining Zebra equipment, and are certified yearly to ensure the best barcode service. RMS Omega is an authorized service partner for a number of other vendors as well.

Choose an Appropriate RMS Omega Service Care Program

Our RMS Omega philosophy of client service is to act as a partner, not simply a vendor. This means that we work with clients to develop a comprehensive maintenance program that is tailored to your company’s particular needs. At RMS Omega, we know the importance of keeping equipment up and running, and will prepare a service contract that guarantees a timely response and a fixed fee. This allows every company to budget for unexpected equipment failures.

We can provide service for customers having only a single device at a single location or for clients with hundreds of scanners at multiple locations nationwide.

At RMS Omega we do not just know how to fix barcode scanner. We also offer maintenance options ranging from time and material service and service contracts, to on-site service or depot repairs. Our flexible service options include fixed period turn around service plans, spares management and staging.

One of our RMS Omega representatives will be pleased to discuss which option is best for your situation. Our trained service reps can also introduce you to the most recent technology and scanner advances which may provide more appropriate service for your application.

For more details on RMS Omega scanner repair service, please contact us or visit our Authorized Repair Service page.