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Inventory Control and Tracking Solutions

Managing and tracking inventory can be a challenge in small and mid-sized companies. If you are still using paper lists and physically counting each item at least once a year, you are probably ready to check out efficient tracking software.  A barcode computerized system will eliminate the hurried searching for a misplaced tool and the frustration of a stock shortage. You will know how much of each item is on hand and exactly where it is.

Typically, there are three kinds of situations in which inventory control and  tracking software would be effective:

  • Physical inventory that must be counted, moved around, shipped, sold or consumed
  • Fixed assets in warehouses, yards, classrooms, libraries, stockrooms and front offices, including equipment, storage systems, furniture, computers and electronic devices
  • Shared items such as equipment used by different people on different shifts or tools signed in and out of the shop

There are many options for a technology solution and making a decision can be overwhelming. However, an RMS Omega specialist can work with you to decide on the best package to meet your needs.

Barcode Technology

Most inventory control software is based on barcode technology. Affixed to each item is a label or tag on which a barcode captures all the data you need to manage your inventory, including SKU, lot and serial numbers and expiry date. You decide what you need both for day-to-day inventory tracking and for reports on productivity and performance.

You can choose from various types of barcode scanners. Handheld wireless devices have become very popular as they allow your employees the most flexibility in finding and tracking items. They can be standalone scanners or mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners.

Inventory Software

You can easily maintain a central database for all your inventory. Every time an item is received, moved, shipped or used, your employee scans the location and item barcodes to capture the details. This information can be readily accessed in real time or in batch, depending on what works best for your operation.

Fixed Assets Tracking

Begin with a baseline inventory of all your fixed assets. Attach a barcode with all the information you require, scan it and capture all the data in a central database. Every time a new item is procured or one disposed of, a simple scan updates the database.

Check In/Out

Shared files, equipment and tools present their own tracking challenges. Our team of specialists can work with you to get up and running with check in/out software. Perhaps you want to monitor the movement of equipment, identify who is signing out files and for how long or review any other transaction where the inventory is used by more than one person. Check in/out software adds a level of accountability for everyone using company assets.

Benefits of Inventory Tracking Software

You will appreciate the many benefits of a barcode inventory tracking application, including:

  • Accurate, up to date and complete count of your inventory
  • More efficient workflow
  • Early indicators of loss and theft
  • Elimination of stock shortages as reorder alerts can be incorporated into the software

The RMS Omega team can walk with you through a review of your operations, identify what kind of inventory tracking software you need, make recommendations and oversee the installation and training.

Take that first step to successful inventory tracking by contacting our professionals.

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