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Voice Technology for Data Collection

The technology of voice applications streamlines communication no matter what business you operate. It is useful in warehouses, distribution centers, healthcare facilities or any other workplace where people have to be able to communicate immediately with each other or with a database.

Voice technology in the warehouseThis technology is particularly effective in situations where the workforce has to continually input and retrieve data for ongoing operations or needs access to information while in middle of procedure such as:

  • Picking process in a warehouse where worker is trying to retrieve items by continually punching keys and checking a screen
  • Service calls for equipment maintenance and repair when service technician needs to ask for and receive information while performing procedures
  • Yard management when supervisor needs to coordinate several employees and operations at the same time while accessing data about shipments and schedules
  • Healthcare worker checking on availability of special equipment while doing procedure on patient

View our infographic – “Time is Money” using Voice in the Warehouse

Features of Voice Technology

RMS Omega  recommends technology that includes these features:

  • Integration with other data entry systems such as barcode scanning, keystrokes or touch screen
  • Interface with hosted legacy applications
  • Flexibility that allows one-on-one or one-to-group voice functionality, voice-to-text and text-to-voice
  • Capacity to add voice function if there are existing terminal emulation apps
  • Voice recognition robust enough to eliminate need for individual voice profiles
  • Rapid deployment and training

Benefits of Voice Technology

The benefits of installing voice technology will be apparent immediately, including:

  • Reduced errors using voice activated data entry instead of manual
  • Increased safety as workers do not have to hold a device or keep looking up and down at a keypad or screen
  • Streamlined workflow; e.g. being able to execute picking while listening to the order instead of waiting to read the screen, then putting down the mobile device in order to pick the item
  • Decrease in network traffic as voice communication passes from one mobile device to another without going through the server

The specialists at RMS Omega can help you translate these benefits into increased productivity and profitability. When you are ready to take the next step, contact our team and we will work with you to identify your specific needs and recommend the voice technology that is most appropriate for your operations.

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Featured Solution Components

  • Kea Communication Software

    Voice Software Applications

    Add Voice to Existing Mobile Devices in the Warehouse

    Learn more about voice enablement, and voice-driven data collection with voice applications.

    Secure Workforce Communication

    Turn enterprise-grade mobile computers into powerful mobile desk phones that deliver comprehensive PBX functionality. Learn how to provide your workers with secure calls, texting, push to talk, business applications, even barcode scanning and mobile payment all on one device with Workforce Connect.

  • Honeywell Wearable Computers

    Wearable Mobile Devices

    Keep workers’ hands and eyes on the task at hand with wearable mobile computers and barcode ring scanners. Wearable mobile computers provide workers with hands-free efficiency.

    Learn more about wearable mobile devices. 

  • handheld mobile computing device

    Handheld Mobile Computers

    RMS Omega can help you add voice functionality to your existing handheld devices. RMS Omega offers a wide range of handheld mobile computers with voice and data collection functionality, including barcode scanning and image capture as well as wireless networking capabilities.

    Learn more about handheld mobile computers. 

  • industrial applications voice

    Deployment Services - Mobile Voice Recognition

    RMS Omega can take your mobile devices and give them the ability to become voice activated, which means the user can speak to the device instead of entering data manually.

    RMS Omega will install the software, set up and configure all of your devices for you. Contact us to learn more!

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