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SOTI Connect Now Supports Zebra IoT Printers

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The Increased Need for Simplified, Effective Management of Networked Printers

The number of IoT printers in organizations is increasing, posing a new challenge for IT teams. Most organizations lack visibility into all networked printers in their environment, as well as the ability to manage them.

As a result, the time, money, and resources required to deploy, manage, and update printers are increasing. IT teams seeking to reclaim control of networked printers require a system that automates printer deployment, management, and security while providing total visibility of all deployed printers.

The Impact of SOTI Connect Remote Printer Management

SOTI Connect, an IoT management solution built on a highly flexible, data-driven architecture, simplifies printer management. IT teams have comprehensive visibility into all company printers, allowing them to easily discover, configure, and deploy new network printers.

Centralized Control for Total Visibility

All networked printers in a company’s technology infrastructure can be controlled centrally by SOTI Connect. Using different communications protocols, you can send updates, resolve problems, improve security, and more.

Data Analytics for Smarter Business Decisions

The data-driven architecture of SOTI Connect gives users quick and easy access to printer data and such as health, status, temperature, storage, and more. Integrate gathered data with data analytics tools for deeper exploration and better decision-making.

Quick Deployment for Efficient Operations

The data-driven architecture of SOTI Connect allows for quick printer discovery, enrollment, and deployment. You don’t need to wait for software updates or write a single line of code to quickly introduce or provide printer support from the SOTI Connect printer console. It takes just a few minutes to enroll and provision new printers, which cuts down on the time and labor required for installation and deployment.

Reduced Downtime for Lower Operational Costs

Utilize SOTI Connect’s remote configuration actions to reduce maintenance and resource costs. Quickly implement corrective measures if predefined conditions are not met while easily monitoring printer health and status to prevent expensive downtime.

Which Zebra printers can be managed with SOTI Connect?

All printer types, including industrial, desktop, and mobile printers, can be quickly and easily managed with SOTI Connect. For quick, straightforward management, remotely monitor printer status and performance.

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Compatible Zebra Printers Include:

  • ZT231
  • ZT411
  • ZT421
  • ZT510
  • ZT600 Series
  • ZE511
  • ZE521
  • ZQ300 Series
  • ZR300 Series
  • ZQ511/ZQ521
  • ZQ600 Series
  • ZR600 Series
  • ZD510-HC
  • ZD421 Series
  • ZD611 Series
  • ZD621 Series

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