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Full Shift Power Your Staff Can Count On With The TC52-HC

The Lastest Healthcare Mobile Computer From Zebra: TC52-HC

The TC52-HC Touch Computer is the ultimate in all touch computing for healthcare workers. The TC52-HC touch computer builds on the highly successful TC51-HC, adding a new platform as well as new capabilities in order to deliver the ultimate in-touch computing for today’s healthcare workers. Medical workers get an unequaled user experience: the simplicity of Android with all the mobile computing, clinical collaboration, and data capture features they need to provide every patient with the highest quality care. With the TC52-HC, staff will be able to stay connected throughout the hospital with clear VoIP calls, the most powerful family of ready-to-use voice solutions, secure text messaging, and video conferencing, as well as mobile alarms and alerts.

The TC52-HC: Designed For Healthcare Applications

Disinfectant-ready to withstand frequent cleanings TC5X Enterprise Handhelds

The TC52-HC is designed for healthcare from the ground up. For example, Zebra covered all of the screw holes. Plus, they limited the number of crevices and seams to eliminate places where germs can hide. This device is also built with advanced medical-grade plastics that provide superior toughness, able to withstand frequent cleanings from a wide selection of disinfectants.

Rugged and ready for the toughest shifts

While the TC52-HC looks like a smartphone, Zebra engineered it to last 24/7 for clinical use. This mobile touch computer is extremely reliable even if you drop it on the floor or get it wet. The unibody design also provides extra impact protection for sensitive electronics. On top of all that, the Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel and imager window bring maximum scratch-resistance and shatter-proofing to two of the most vulnerable device features.

High-resolution video streaming for better collaboration

The front-facing 5 MP camera enables remote video conferencing with patients and colleagues – improving care quality and caretaker productivity. Built-in support for the latest positioning technology, Visible Light Communication (VLC), provides location-based information for mapping and clinical interactions.

Maximize productivity with enterprise accessories

The TC52-HC supports a full suite of backward compatible business-class accessories, including a 4-slot spare battery charger and unique ShareCradles that charge both devices and batteries. And with the optional Ethernet connection, syncing data with backend apps is fast and accurate.

The Ultimate User Experience

Android for instant familiarity

Your staff likely already knows how to use an Android device, virtually eliminating training time and adoption curves. Plus, you can also deliver the highly-graphic interactive apps today’s workers expect.

Advanced touchscreen technology

The 5-inch display provides plenty of space to view critical patient data and graphics-intensive apps. The easy, familiar and flexible multitouch operation works when wet, with a gloved finger or a stylus.

Highest quality voice for crystal clear voice calls

In the hospital, there is no room for misunderstandings on a call. That’s why the TC52-HC offers three microphones, high-volume speakers, and the latest noise-cancellation technology. So, callers on both ends of the call will hear every word no matter how hectic your work environment may be.

Active Edge™ Touch Zone for one-touch feature access

Users can easily create dedicated soft keys on either side of the display to access their most frequently used device features and applications with a single touch in features such as scanning, specific apps, and even text messaging.

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