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Zebras New Mobile Touch Computer – The TC8300

Enterprise Touch Computer With The Ultimate Android Platform: The TC8300

Have you ever used the TC8000 touch computer by Zebra? We have, and we thought there was no way it could get any better. Well, it has – and its the TC8300. The most revolutionary enterprise touch computer design gives you the same ergonomic, innovative design while minimizing motion. In turn, delivering a 14% increase in worker productivity. Another feature is the ultimate processing power and memory have been added to the product, giving workers the lightning-fast application performance that they expect.

Also, the TC8300 has the latest in Bluetooth and WiFi technology that provides workers with the most dependable wireless device and peripheral connections. As a result, this maximizes availability and value. Furthermore, regarding Android, the TC8300 simplifies every aspect of deploying Android in warehouses. This includes migration and security as well as control over updates and Google Mobile Services. Finally, the comprehensive data capture options in the TC8300 let you capture it all, including barcodes, direct part marks, entire forms and more.

Benefits of Using The Android Operating System

  • Familiarity With Android. Your workers receive a device they already know how to use, and they are getting all the benefits of the latest version of Android. This virtually eliminates adoption curves and training time because workers already know how to operate them.
  • Maximum Application Performance Derived From Maximum Power. With the ultra-powerful 8-core processor, you get all the power you need to ensure superior performance on all your data/voice apps.
  • Instant Migration of TE Apps to Android. With the TC8300, your workers can use the existing TE apps with no backend modification or user training required. You can also easily turn your ‘green screens’ into Android touch-centric intuitive screens, that, in turn, boost productivity with all-touch terminal emulation.
  • Longer WiFi Range and Speed With Less Power. The 2×2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Output technology enables access points to communicate with multiple devices, hence boosting WiFi capacity, network, range, and speed.
  • Twice the Speed, Four Times the Range with Bluetooth 5.0. Better performance from your Bluetooth printers, headsets, and more while using less power for longer battery cycle times.
  • Unsurpassed Battery Management and Triple-Shift Battery Power. The Tc8300 has the most battery power in this class, hence it can run three consecutive shifts without a change in battery.
  • Lifetime Security Guard for Android. Using LifeGuard for Android, you acquire security updates you need to keep your devices secure every day they are being used.

The Ultimate User Experience

TC8000 Warehouse Scanning

The TC8300 provides the ultimate user experience. All applications are very user-friendly and contain a mass of benefits, including:

  • Superior ergonomics for productivity and comfort
  • Exquisite capture of every barcode
  • Rugged design for the ultimate dependable operation
  • Industry-First-Hands-Free proximity scanning
  • Flexible data input with advanced touchscreen technology
  • High-resolution photos/videos/etc.

Superior Mobility DNA Apps

The TC8300 comes with Superior Mobility DNA Apps that drive workforce productivity and device value to a new level. These apps include:

  • WorryFree WiFi- dependably superior WiFi,  certainly delivered.
  • Easily manage access to GMS (Google Mobile Services) with restricted mode.
  • End-to-end revolutionary control of the update process with LifeGuard.
  • PowerPrecision Console- similarly prevents aging batteries from reducing workforce productivity.

Most noteworthy, the TC8300 offers more power, a future-proof platform, enhanced data capture, superior ergonomics, and so much more. The TC8300 is ideal for customers who want to equip workers inside the four walls because they are always searching for the very best of today’s mobile technologies. Combining a revolutionary rugged form factor to withstand harsh environments, familiar and intuitive user experience, and advanced mobile computing technology, this productivity leap gives users an extra hour per workday while reducing fatigue by 23% versus traditional “gun” mobile computers. Most noteworthy, what more could you want in a product?

Download the datasheet to learn more!