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Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Rugged Computer vs. a Consumer Grade Device

The top 10 reasons to consider a rugged computer over a throw-away, consumer-grade device:

10. Rugged devices typically have a longer production cycle measured in years vs months for the various consumer grade units. This means that your IT/help-desk can support only 1 device over a period of years and not have to worry about supporting devices that get refreshed or phased out every few months. It also means that they can standardize on accessories such as chargers and docks.

9. Rugged devices have long lasting, replaceable batteries. The units and their batteries are designed to last a full shift of use on a complete charge. You don’t have to send a unit in to replace a battery or worse, throw it away.

8. Using a rugged computer will minimize downtime due to a broken device. It certainly doesn’t make sense to use a non-rugged, consumer grade device on mission critical applications, especially when they are route based. Doing so, could stop the productivity of your route person dead in its tracks!

7. Rugged devices are just as the name says, rugged! They are made to handle the demands of rugged shop-floor or route environments without needing to be repaired or serviced.

6. Rugged devices typically allow for more OS personalization. This allows your device to be configured to optimal settings for your needs.

5. Rugged computers include more configurable hardware options to be installed at the time of manufacture. (or in our case, modules that can be field upgraded). This includes scanners, cameras, WWAN, GPS, RFID, displays and more.

4.Rugged computers usually are available with cost-effective service contracts that typically also include user abuse repairs. Not just manufacturer defects like with most consumer grade devices.

3. Rugged computers almost always have a long list of accessories that are available. This helps you maximize the benefit of the device in the real world by providing holsters, chargers that can be setup strategically and communication docks.

2. Rugged computers generally have a long list of supported software applications that provide your support staff the tools to effectively, roll-out, support and manage them. Motorola offers lock-down shell utilities to keep your workers focused only on the tasks and applications that you permit. Motorola also offers an application called Mobility+. This app helps you support staff, remotely manage and support devices in the field and even report back business and process analytics to help your organization become more efficient and effective.

1. Rugged devices typically have a much lower TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP. Even though they generally cost more per unit up front, over the course of 3-5 years the cost of purchasing, maintaining and managing a disposable, consumer-grade computer far outweighs that of a rugged computer.

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