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Unified Healthcare Communications with Smart Talk

A Need For Secure Unified Healthcare Communications

When hospitals don’t have a Unified Communications (UC) platform for exchanging patient information, it exposes operations to costly errors and inefficiencies. On the other hand, many healthcare teams use consumer devices or free messaging apps for work communications. This compounds communication problems by making IT management more cumbersome and introducing security concerns. In fact, with the increased use of different communication apps in healthcare, many professionals have expressed concerns over their IT security protocols and effectiveness.

Furthermore, using a BYOD approach with SMS messages creates a security liability for healthcare organizations. Using SMS messages can lead to unauthorized access and theft of patient information since they are not properly encrypted. With around 60-80% of clinicians using personal devices to exchange messages related to patient care, there is a pressing need for secure, intuitive UC in healthcare.

Curing Communication Challenges with Honeywell Smart Talk

Modern healthcare operations require a reliable staff communications platform that ensures better patient experiences and healthcare while reducing operating costs. By unifying clinicians and administrators with a secure platform for messaging and data sharing, healthcare providers can:

  • Respond faster to patient needs
  • Prevent errors from lapses in communication
  • Align teams around accurate & updated information
  • Improve team collaboration with voice, text, and video communication

Some communication solutions in healthcare are cobbled together with a mix of different applications, with questionable security and terrible support. Honeywell Smart Talk is a cloud-based UC platform that helps mobile clinicians excel at their job while taking any burden away from administration and IT. More importantly, it enables healthcare staff to use voice, push-to-talk, call, video, and text messaging all from one application on their enterprise handheld devices.

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Honeywell’s secure, seamless UC offers unmatched quality, compatibility, security, and flexibility while providing an affordable option backed with support.

  1. Quality – reliable call quality with continuity between wi-fi and cellular.
  2. Compatibility – OS agnostics and operable with 100+ SIP call servers and PBX providers.
  3. Security – message encryption, TLS supported, and RTP support.
  4. Flexibility – device and platform-agnostic for scalability across new and existing clinician hardware.

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With the increased burden on hospitals, investment in unified healthcare communications is a must. Honeywell Smart Talk brings teams together with easy-to-use, secure, device and OS agnostic multimedia messaging and communication for a low-cost monthly subscription.

RMS Omega works with healthcare providers large and small to provide the necessary hardware, software, and support – creating technology solutions that meet compliance demands, lower operating costs, and promote better patient care.

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