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Voice Software: Power Automation Made Easy

voice productivity software

Using voice software to support daily operations is extremely useful in an industrial environment, especially in warehouses and distribution centers. When using a voice application, employees can complete tasks hands-free. This means they have two free hands to complete other tasks such as picking and loading. Voice also helps increase employee safety since workers won’t need to look at their mobile devices regularly to perform a task. They’ll be able to look out for dangerous situations that can often happen in warehouses and distribution centers such as forklift accidents. But, what if we took voice to the next level? Let us introduce power automation.

What is Power Automation?

Power automation turns your WMS applications into super apps by combining voice with automation. This is done with mobile voice software, and it streamlines business processes.

So, how can you get power automation? Mobile voice productivity software will enhance your current applications without changing your WMS code or your existing IT investments. Power automation capabilities empower your warehouse workers, speeding transactions using a single voice utterance to trigger automation sequences. This ability will circumvent time-consuming screens, navigation steps, keystrokes and session changes. Helping you execute complex, system-wide transactions and processes in just seconds!

Power automation will also help your business streamline business processes. And, you will no longer need expensive professional services to change your WMS application code! You’ll be able to automate your business processes quickly while protecting and optimizing your existing distribution and IT investments. So, if you haven’t evaluated your processes in over a year, it might be time to eliminate manual, time-consuming processes.

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So, Why Streamline Business Processes?

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Your current business processes may be working fine. But, is fine good enough? Don’t settle for processes that are fine when you deserve processes that are great! Voice enabling your WMS applications will take your business processes from fine to great. There are several benefits of improving your processes including:
voice productivity softawre warehouse

  • Boost workforce productivity
  • Reduce errors
  • Minimize time to train new workers
  • Maximize inventory control
  • Increase safety

As a result, you will see an increase in profitability through improving business process efficiency.

Mobile Voice Software

RMS Omega uses AccuSpeechMobile’s patented architecture to make it possible to add sophisticated voice recognition and automation intelligence directly on your mobile devices. Mobile voice productivity software can be installed on new devices or your existing industrial mobile devices. So, this solution comes with four components which are all part of the Intelligent Voice Client (IVC):ivc - power automation

1. Voice+ Automation Logic
2. Speech Engine
3. Application User Interface
4. Operating System Interface

Together, these components will give you a solution that will maximize the efficiency of your processes and the productivity of your staff.

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Is Power Automation for you?

Power automation may not be for every warehouse and distribution center out there, but is it for you? If you answer yes to any of these questions, it may be time for you to look into power automation:

  • Are you presently using mobile devices in your warehouse processes?
  • Do you have more than ten pickers?
  • Are you using a WMS system (either purchased or homegrown)?

If you’re already using a voice solution for picking applications, you can still use power automation to voice-enable other applications without making changes to your WMS. Other applications include replenishment, cycle-count, receiving, shipping, put-to-store, reverse logistics, cross-docking and more!

Power automation can be beneficial to smaller warehouses and distribution centers as well. Mobile voice productivity software requires minimal IT resources since it is straightforward to learn and maintain. It is also the ideal solution if you have a limited budget since mobile voice productivity software yields an ROI in less than 12 months.

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