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Windows to Android OS: Why You Should be Considering the Switch!

With the end of the year approaching, it is becoming more important for businesses to seriously consider switching from Windows to Android OS if they have not already.

Microsoft powered 87% of all rugged mobile computers that were deployed in 2010, now a decade later the company is officially ending support for Windows OS. Microsoft’s decision has prompted businesses to pursue other OS alternatives for their handheld and mobile devices.

What Are The Next Steps in Switching from Windows to Android?

On December 10th, 2019, Windows devices will no longer receive security updates, free-assisted support options or technical content updates. After December, Windows users will have until March, 2020 to create back-ups for their devices. Security risks and lack of updates have many businesses looking to move on from Windows to pursue other alternatives. Meanwhile, Microsoft will be shifting its focus to mobile apps and services.

Microsoft urges users to migrate from Windows to Android as soon as possible. Microsoft has even endorsed Android as the new mobile version of Windows.

In summary, if your devices are run by Windows OS here is what you need to know:

  • December 10th, 2019: Windows will stop updates for technical content and security on devices.
  • Devices will all work after that date but will be prone to security risks.
  • March 10th, 2020: Users must have created back-ups for their devices.
  • Microsoft can end support for any app at any time on Windows OS.
  • Microsoft urges users to switch over to Android.

Microsoft’s decision to no longer support OS on Windows mobile has created a period of transition for all businesses. We are committed to assisting businesses and helping them identify the best course of action for their future needs.

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