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Wireless Services – Tying Together the Total Solution

At RMS Omega, we talk about how we provide “the total solution.”  But what does that really mean? cloud based network management solutions

It means we want to provide you with everything you need – not just a product, but a solution to your current and future challenges. Rather than sell you a box containing a mobile computer or a piece of hardware and have you figure out what to do with it, we can provide you with software applications to best suit your needs, configure your devices with the software and system requirements for your network and then make sure the entire solution works flawlessly.  Our customers love this because if they have any questions or need additional help with their system, they have one point of contact – RMS Omega! We also offer free help desk phone support for all of the devices we sell.

Our team of experts will make sure your solution will work to the best of its ability by providing value-added services and ongoing support.  One of our most popular services includes our various wireless services.  It is important to ensure your wireless system is optimized for the best possible coverage so your devices and everything else on your network will work the way they’re intended to.

RMS Omega’s 5 most popular wireless services

Wireless site surveys identify factors in your facility’s environment that could have an effect on your wireless coverage.  Many factors can have an impact on your wireless coverage including:

  • Concrete walls
  • Structure poles
  • Temperature
  • Metals
  • Interference from other networks or devicesTechnology deployment services

During a wireless site survey, a radio frequency (RF) engineer will visit your facility with specialized analysis software.  This software will help them to ensure your network is installed and configured properly.

Wireless analysis and optimization (A&O) is a process that can optimize and enhance wireless coverage throughout your facility.  If your devices aren’t functioning properly or as quickly as they should be, the issue might actually be the wireless network connection.  There are three stages for an A&O:

  1. Discovery – our RF engineer will collect information about your existing wireless system. Using specialized software, the RF engineer will create a heat map to find locations with the most wireless issues.
  2. Analysis – an RF engineer will take the data collected during the discovery phase and analyze it. They will then determine steps to improve the wireless network coverage.
  3. Optimization – the solution created in the analysis phase is implemented and the RF engineer will create another heat map to ensure improvements were executed correctly.

Network design is when RF engineers take measurements and readings of your facility to determine optimal location placements for access points. Not enough access points mean some locations throughout your facility won’t have access to the network.  Too many access points will interfere with each other.  Our RF engineers will put just the right amount of access points in your facility for optimal coverage.

Cabling is when our RF engineers connect all of your access points to switches which are then connected to the Ethernet network.  Even a wireless system has many wires, which can get messy. Our RF engineers will climb up into the rafters or ceilings in your facility, run cables and install, fix, and connect your networks for strong and reliable coverage.

Wireless installation and training is important for our customers’ IT departments. Our RF engineers will install your wireless system to take some of the stress off your IT department.  Then, they will train your staff to ensure they understand how their wireless system is configured.

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