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Barcode Tracking Software

Barcode tracking software comes in various forms depending on the application it is used for.  At its basic core, the software enables businesses to collect information by scanning bar codes rather than manual entry.  The following is a list on barcode tracking softwware for various industries and applications.

Barcode & Label Printing Software

barcode tracking softwrae for Labels BarcodePrinting a barcode is the first step to tracking useful information for your organization or business. RMS Omega provides different barcode and label design software applications to help you get started with automated data collection.

  • NiceLabel provides advanced label printing solutions to users in many industries including retail, logistics, chemical, automotive and healthcare.
  • TEKLYNX product identification software offers powerful, easy-to-use labeling solutions for Enterprise-wide or standalone applications. The software packages provide advanced features to uniquely identify products in a wide range of applications in virtually any industry.

Warehouse Management Software

warehouse automation using barcode tracking softwareA Warehouse Management System can provide you with greater control of your facility as well as increase worker productivity and accuracy. Selecting the right software application for your facility is important. Our team is able to provide unbiased recommendations to help you select the appropriate software application and hardware necessary to meet your needs and budget.

  • FoxFire Warehouse Management Software (WMS) provides immediate real time information to floor-level employees, supervisors, and upper-level management to operate their facility more efficiently and meet delivery and production goals at lower costs.
  • Robocom’s Warehouse Management System, (R-WMS) is a state of the art WMS that enables control and visibility of all aspects of warehouse activity.  R-WMS is a fully enabled radio frequency warehouse management tool that allows you to not only track what you have and where it is, but automatically optimizes space, worker productivity and overall warehouse operations, with all information made available immediately in real time. R-WMS is a user-friendly, menu-driven application designed to satisfy the requirements of virtually any warehouse operation.

Supply Chain Execution Software

Robocom provides a suite of supply chain execution software applications. Included in the suite is an enterprise transportation management system for Truck Load (TL) and Less-Than-Load (LTL) businesses and an ERP for distributors.  The suite also includes WMS, TMS and LMS along with voice picking and proof of delivery systems.

Healthcare Software Solutions

RMS Omega provides software applications for admissions, specimen tracking, phlebotomy, barcode and label tracking and facilities management that integrate with your Hospital’s operating systems. Learn more about RMS Omega’s healthcare software solutions.

Inventory & Asset Tracking Software – Barcode Tracking Software

maintaining accurate inventory with barcode tracking softwareKeeping track of your inventory and assets is easier than you think! RMS Omega works with RedBeam to provide inventory and asset tracking software solutions. Redbeam’s software applications are affordable, easy to use and highly effective.

  • Z-Space Solution Packs provide you with a complete, end-to-end solution for your data collection needs. Z-Space offers pre-configured solution packs for inventory, asset tracking, check in / check out, route accounting, package tracking and campus package delivery.
  • RedBeam Inventory Tracking Software helps you streamline your inventory tracking and physical inventory process. Efficiently keep track of inventory items by serial number, lot number or expiration date using barcode technology.
  • Redbeam Asset Tracking Software allows you to track and manage your fixed assets inventory. Report on located and missing items, asset status, asset history, asset value, depreciation, purchasing, maintenance history, lease and warrenty expiration, IT information and more.
  • RedBeam Check In/Check Out Software is ideal for managing shared items or assets. Effectively track tools, equipment, file folders, product samples and rental items – any items that have revolving ownership or possession. Check In/Check Out allows you to hold your staff accountable for missing or damaged inventory.

Mobile Device Management Software

  • Wavelink’s Avalanche Software suite of products were specifically created to manage your mobile device and wireless infrastructure environment. Avalanche offers multiple software modules that include applications for Enterprise Device Management, Small to Mid-sized Businesses, Mobile Device Security & Mobile Device Help Desks.

Facility Maintenance & Asset Management – CMMS Software

Voice Applications

  • Wavelink’s range of voice applications deliver reduced operational costs through increased productivity, accuracy, safety and implementation.The Speakeasy suite of products were specifically created to allow organizations to add voice capability (thin or thick client) to their mobile devices quickly and easily. Learn more about voice applications and data collection.

Wireless Terminal Emulation Software

  • Stay-Linked is designed specifically for wireless terminal applications. Stay-Linked Client sessions run on the same host system as the Server rather than each user’s device. This means no dropped host sessions, no gateway PC devices, and no complicated re-connection processes to deal with.
  • Wavelink’s Emulators Software Suite offers a comprehensive solution for Terminal Emulation. Wavelinks Emulator Suite includes Terminal Emulation Software, Screen Reformatter, ConnectPro & Industrial Browser to keep your mobile devices connected and operating efficiently.

Mobile Data Collection – Application Development Software

  • TracerPlus provides the ability to create enterprise class mobile data collection applications. In the past, these applications might have taken weeks or months to develop. Using TracerPlus, these same applications can be configured in a fraction of that time; sometimes in minutes.
  • ITScriptNet from Z-Space, is a suite of products for program development and communication with batch and real time portable data collection devices.
  • Wavelink Studio enables JAVA and COM developers to create and deploy powerful server-side enterprise wireless applications for wireless data collection, barcode scanning and RFID devices. Wavelink Studio applications run on mobile devices from all the major device manufacturers.

Business Management Software for HME

Brightree is the market-leader and fastest growing business management solution for Home Medical Equipment (HME) and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers. RMS Omega works with Brightree to provide complete packages for their Inventory and Point of Sale Systems.

If you need further assistance in determining which barcode tracking software is best suited for your application, please contact us.