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Asset Tracking Using RFID – 4 Benefits

Track Critical Equipment, Parts & Materials with RFID

Tracking assets using RFID makes the process certainly easier, faster, more secure, and more durable. RFID is a much more sophisticated technology compared to barcoding and GPS that is utilized by asset tracking software. A major benefit and advantage of tracking assets using RFID is its ability to scan multiple items from a distance with incredible speed. Because it is utilized to quickly give a total count of the number of items available within seconds, RFID technology is vital to any organization.

RFID technology uses an electromagnetic field to automatically track and identify tags attached to items. Consisting of electronically stored information, assets are viewed on RFID readers through radio waves. Hence, this allows for maximum productivity at a fast pace.

Asset Tracking Using RFID

We have compiled 4 major benefits of implementing asset tracking using RFID technology, including increasing asset visibility, eliminating any delay in product deliveries, mitigating loss, theft, and risk, and reducing labor costs/increasing productivity. 

1. Increases Asset Visibility

  • Offers the necessity/convenience of increased asset and inventory ability.
  • Not only track inventory, but also track returnable transit items, forklifts, the movement of your trucks, and other assets going in and out of your facility.
  • RFID gives you the ease of locating everything you have lost or misplaced.
  • RFID tags are readable from anywhere, letting employees know the exact location and quantity of each item.
  • Allows businesses to resolve any issues that can stem from misplaced/lost materials, oversight, poor organization, and more.

2. Eliminates Any Delay in Product Deliveries

  • When there’s a lack of visibility in items that are actually moving through stages of distribution or production, products don’t reach the place they should and at the time they should.
  • This adds extra expense, erodes customer confidence, and stocks unwanted items.
  • Simply automate everything with an asset tracking system using RFID.
  • Having real-time visibility to production offers analytics that removes bottlenecks and accelerates product delivery times.

3. Mitigates Loss, Theft, & Risk

  • Gain quick and easy access to location and inventory information, keeping track of when items are replenished, distributed or stored and confirmed for delivery.
  • Tracking the movement of each and every asset in your facility ensures that all items are accounted for, mitigating costly risks like theft, counterfeiting, maldistribution, and loss.
  • RFID technology utilized to manage inventory ensures accurate asset or item identification whenever an asset enters your storehouse or warehouse.

4. Reduces Labor Costs & Increases Productivity

  • No need for employees to be within line of sight of an asset in order to locate assets.
  • No wasted time of employees scanning individual barcodes or counting inventory amounts.
  • Tasks sped up and labor costs cut down.
  • Above all, employees have more time for improving the bottom line.

Recommended Software – ASSETracs™

Finally, an RFID and barcode-based software package, ASSETracs allows companies of all shapes and sizes to track multiple types of assets across their entire organization. RFIDPro’s ASSETracs application is adaptable to most enterprise software solutions, therefore adding value by:

  • Performing Asset Inventory
  • Counting and Locating
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Quality Control

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