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Direct Thermal Label Printer in Healthcare

Direct Thermal Label Printer for Healthcare Applications

A direct thermal label printer is used in many industries to print everything from shipping labels, tickets and receipts, to name tags and visitor passes. However, in healthcare facilities, these devices are modified for several unique situations especially to ensure compliance with industry standards. They print labels used to:

  • Identify pharmaceutical medication, lab slides and samples
  • Access medical records
  • Track surgical tissue and implants
  • Label breast milk and blood bank inventory
  • Track assets such as imaging equipment, IV stands and consumables

Patient safety is a primary concern for the design of healthcare-designated thermal printers. They are constructed of materials durable enough to withstand frequent cleaning with strong disinfecting chemicals over the life of the device. These printers are also designed to reduce the risk of electrical shock to staff and patients by incorporating a medical-grade power supply to comply with new IEC 60601-1 regulations. As a result, the printers are safe to use anywhere in the facility.

How a Direct Thermal Label Printer Works

All thermal printers use controlled heat to transfer an image onto some media. There are two types of thermal printing technologies. One is called thermal transfer printing because a heated print head transfers a resin or wax image onto the media. The second approach, typically used in healthcare applications, is referred to as a direct thermal printer. Heat is applied by the print head to a coated thermal media such as a label. The media turns dark where heat has been applied.

RMS Omega Partners with Zebra

RMS Omega maintains a premier-level partnership with Zebra Technologies, and is a distributor for the Zebra GK420d Healthcare Printer. With a small footprint of only 4 inches, these printers are ENERGYSTAR 2.0 qualified, helping to reduce energy costs. In addition, the Zebra GK420d direct thermal label printer:

  • Is durable
  • Is easy to use
  • Does not require ribbon, toner or ink
  • Is more cost efficient than thermal transfer, laser, impact or inkjet printers
  • Is environmentally friendly as there are no consumables involved
  • Provides increased patient security; there is no ribbon involved and therefore no secondary record of the printed information

Why Use the Zebra GK420d

Talk to an RMS Omega representative to see why the Zebra GK420d may be the exact fit for your institution. These printers are supplied with a number of advanced connectivity options, so they can be easily integrated into existing systems. A variety of maintenance and service plans are available to fit every budget and need. The printers are designed for years of heavy duty performance, and, for an extra star, even come in a range of colors designed for the healthcare industry. Style and function together!

Contact us to Learn More about Direct Thermal Healthcare Printers.