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Mobile & Desktop Printers

Consistent and accurate label printing for all applications int he hospital.

Medical Label Printers: Barcode, Label, and Tag Printers for Healthcare

Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer & Color Label Printing

Desktop printers, mobile printers & wristband printers in Hospitals & Medical Centers.

RMS Omega can assist you with all of your barcode printing needs. We offer a wide range of printers, including Desktop Barcode Printers, Mobile Barcode Printers, and Wristband Printers. We also provide the appropriate software applications, labels, ribbons, media and supplies, instruction, and even repair services. RMS Omega is a Zebra Authorized Repair Service Provider and certified Healthcare Specialist.

Mobile Printers

Printing Labels at the Point of Application

Mobile printers allow Healthcare facilities to print specimen labels at the point of collection, and also print a bar coded label for the patient’s chart, reducing the risk for dangerous misinformation.  They allow staff to print patient labels right at the bedside and label charts, specimens, medication and more with out having to walk back and forth to a desktop printer or work station.

Ideal for Patient Bedside Applications:

  • Specimen/Sample Labeling
  • Patient Records Labeling

Desktop & Enterprise Label Printers

High Quality & Consistent Label Printing

Desktop Printers

Desktop Barcode Label Printers in healthcare provide a compact printing solution for files, patient records, prescription labeling as well as laboratory and specimen labels. Desktop label printers are designed for a fixed location in the hospital. These printers are available in different configurations, with a healthcare-compliant power supply and healthcare-grade housings ready for constant disinfecting. These small printers deliver the print speed, print quality, and manageability you need to boost productivity, accuracy, and quality of care.

Industrial & Commercial Grade Printers

Industrial printers are designed for higher volume environments in a hospital or medical center. These printers are built for durability, higher print speed, and network connectivity and offer additional printing features. Use these long-lasting printers to print highly accurate labels in the lab, for asset or inventory labels, and more.

print lab labels hospital laboratory

Wristband Printers

Positive Patient ID Starts with a Wristband

Use a thermal or laser wristband printer and print patient information and barcodes directly on the band.

Identifying patients with barcoded wristbands is the first step to ensuring correct patient identification in healthcare settings. Barcoding solutions fulfill the principles of the ‘Five Rights’ of patient care – Right Patient, Right Medication, Right Dose, Right Time, and Right Method of Administration – and prevent potentially fatal administrative errors.

Learn More About Color Label Printing in Healthcare

There are many benefits to in-house color label printing for healthcare, including less waste, lower costs, and label customization. Learn more and download our infographic to read about the 5 key benefits of implementing color label printing within the medical field.

Click here to learn more about color label printing for healthcare.


Some of Our Healthcare Customers

Healthcare Tracking & Identification Solutions

  • Clinical Communication

    Unified communication solutions for healthcare workers. Secure text, voice, video, and file transfer with mobile handheld devices.

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  • Patient Identification

    Healthcare administrators everywhere understand that positive patient identification is essential for safe patient care.

    Learn More :Patient Identification
  • Medication Administration

    Eliminate errors and create timely and accurate medication administration processes.

    Learn More :Medication Administration
  • Specimen Collection

    Specimen collection and tracking is an essential part of patient care that informs both diagnosis and treatment.

    Learn More :Specimen Collection
  • RFID in the NICU

    RMS Omega’s patented RFID solution allows nurses to read ankle bands in the NICU with no line of sight, leaving infants undisturbed.

    Learn More :RFID in the NICU
  • Asset Management

    Healthcare asset tracking solutions help hospitals locate critical equipment and reduce costly replacements and loss.

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