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Wristband Printers

Positive Patient ID starts with an accurate wristband printing solution.

Wristband Printers in Healthcare

zebra wristband printerEnsure Positive Patient Identification

Positively identify patients quickly, easily, and accurately using a reliable wristband printer and supplies.  Use patient identification solutions for patient tracking and administration and at the patient’s point of care.  Use a patient wristband printer that is easy to use and keeps your staff as productive as possible.  Today, wristband printers have small footprints and are extremely easy to load.

Selecting the Right Wristbands for Your Patients

There are a lot of wristbands to choose from.  Use wristbands that are:

  • Designed with high durability to survive exposures in healthcare environments.
  • Comfortable for patients to wear.
  • Made with antimicrobial coating for maximum safety.
  • Simple, reliable, and easy to close.

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Featured Wristband Printers

Premier Partnerships with Leading Manufacturers

We recommend wristband printers that are easy to operate, load wristbands, and offer reliable high quality printing capabilities.

ZD510-HC Wristband Printing Solution

A Wristband Printer That Specializes in Healthcare

The ZD510-HC wristband printing solution combines the reliable ZD510-HC direct thermal printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing the only antimicrobial-coated wristbands on the market, Z-Band® wristbands. Also capable of printing wristbands for amusement, water park, and entertainment applications, you get dependable wristband printing that increases patient safety and staff productivity.

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Zebra wristband printer healthcare

Features & Benefits

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Our healthcare specialists often recommend this wristband printer for its easy-to-use and intuitive design. Contact our healthcare team for more information or to request a quote or demo device!

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Accurate Patient ID with the PC23 Wristband Printer by Honeywell

With safety and quality of care depending on accurate patient identification, wristband system components must work together flawlessly. Honeywell printers and media are optimized to deliver superior performance when used together. Rigorous testing and co-engineering ensure consistently high print quality, proven performance in healthcare environments, and maximum print head service life for reduced downtime.

Honeywell printers and media are complemented by their complete line of integrated solutions and services, including rugged mobile computers, RFID systems, and advanced scanning technology.

Hospitals choose the PC23 wristband printer because it’s:

  • Intuitive – super easy to install and use
  • Flexible – fits your facility’s needs today and tomorrow
  • Smart – keeps you informed and productive

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Honeywell Intermec Wristband Printer

Printing, Scanning, Wristbands, & Supplies

Total Patient ID Solutions

  • Barcode Scanners

    Track patients and lab samples effectively with accurate barcode scanning.

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  • Mobile Devices

    Capture and exchange critical information securely with mobile computers designed for the healthcare environment.

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  • Patient Wristbands

    Identifying patients with barcoded or RFID wristbands is the most fail-safe means of assuring correct patient identification in healthcare settings.

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  • Mobile & Desktop Printers

    Desktop printers, mobile printers & wristband printers in Hospitals & Medical Centers.

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  • Labeling

    Healthcare labels and wristbands come in a variety of materials, colors, adhesives, and sizes to support all types of common healthcare applications.

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  • RFID in the NICU

    RMS Omega’s patented RFID solution allows nurses to read ankle bands in the NICU with no line of sight, leaving infants undisturbed.

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