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Healthcare data collection software manages and exchanges critical information that is used to promote better and more accurate patient care.

Health Data Collection Software Applications

Software applications designed to provide your health system with more efficient and accurate data.

Learn more about data collection and tracking applications for your healthcare organization including inventory and asset tracking, mobile specimen collection, facilities maintenance, food tracking, and more. Let RMS Omega help you drive down costs, and increase accuracy and efficiency by implementing the right solution for your facility.

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Software Solutions Utilized in Healthcare

Improving Patient Safety

RMS Partners with leading software providers to solve data collection and to track challenges to improve workflows and provide more efficient, accurate, and secure access to the data caregivers and hospital staff need.

  • Iatric MobiLab Software

    Improve patient safety with mobile phlebotomy software. MobiLab barcode specimen collection brings positive patient identification, positive specimen identification, and specimen label printing to the bedside.

    Learn More :Iatric MobiLab Software
  • StockTaker Software

    Tracking Software for Inventory, Assets & Materials Management. Designed for MEDITECH Materials Management Module.

    Learn More :StockTaker Software
  • Asset Management Software

    Asset management software provides real-time access to business data. Track and manage inventory and asset locations.

    Learn More :Asset Management Software
  • Data Collection Software

    Data collection software allows organizations to store and exchange SKU information, manage inventory, automate processes, and more.

    Learn More :Data Collection Software
  • Inventory Software

    Manage and monitor inbound, outbound, and inventory locations throughout your facility with inventory software.

    Learn More :Inventory Software
  • Workforce Connect Voice | Mobile Communication Software

    Workforce Connect is a part of Zebra’s Mobility DNA software suite of tools. Push-to-Talk (PTT) Pro is part of Workforce Connect that enables worker collaboration via comprehensive PTT and secure text messaging.

    Learn More :Workforce Connect Voice | Mobile Communication Software
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Mobile Device Management software enables IT to access devices for remote repairs, support, or scheduled maintenance and updates.

    Learn More :Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Data Collection Applications: TracerPlus

    Develop Barcode and RFID Applications in Minutes! TracerPlus provides the flexible, powerful, and easy to use mobile software platform for your Windows Mobile barcode terminals, phones and enterprise class digital assistants.

    Learn More :Mobile Data Collection Applications: TracerPlus
  • Workforce Communication

    Workforce communication software facilitates secure communication and collaboration for frontline workers performing critical tasks.

    Learn More :Workforce Communication
  • Label Design Software

    Learn more about label design and barcode printing software applications. There are many factors that will have an effect on your labeling solution including your environment, industry, print volume, printer models, and more.

    Learn More :Label Design Software
  • Maintenance Connection Software

    Maintenance Connection's cloud-based CMMS Software can help your organization increase asset life, reduce costly downtime, lower the overall cost of maintenance, and maximize productivity when addressing complex maintenance requests.

    Learn More :Maintenance Connection Software
  • Check In/Out

    Check in/ check out systems create an automated chain of custody over equipment, assets, and inventory. Helping companies avoid loss and enhance visibility.

    Learn More :Check In/Out

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