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Iatric MobiLab Software

Providing positive patient identification, specimen identification, and label printing at the bedside.

MobiLab Specimen Collection and Phlebotomy Software

Iatric MobiLab software brings positive patient identification, positive specimen identification, and specimen label printing to the bedside. By utilizing wireless handheld and printer technology at the bedside, MobiLab is designed to reduce patient identification and specimen labeling errors while increasing the productivity of your phlebotomy and nursing staff.

Barcode technology is used to positively identify a patient by scanning their wristband. The phlebotomist must also confirm a secondary identification method to complete the Positive Patient ID process. Next, a label is generated at the bedside using portable barcode label printers to collect each specimen. This helps eliminate errors associated with sorting preprinted labels for multiple patients. After specimen collection and labeling, the barcode on the specimen label is scanned to confirm that specimen labels affixed to the tubes match the patient whose wristband was scanned.

Users collect samples in the order indicated on their screen, which also tells them which color tube to use and any special handling instructions, such as whether specimens need to be kept warm or packed in ice, increasing staff efficiency and productivity.

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Iatric MobiLab Recommended Hardware


By utilizing wireless handheld and printer technology, MobiLab is designed to reduce patient identification and specimen labeling errors while increasing the productivity of your phlebotomy and nursing staff. The healthcare specialists at RMS Omega recommend durable enterprise-grade devices designed to withstand regular cleaning and disinfection.

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Zebra Android Mobile Computers

Zebra’s healthcare mobile computers offer a disinfectant-ready enterprise solution for healthcare organizations looking to improve the operational efficiency of their clinical workers while delivering better around-the-clock patient care with greater accuracy. Zebra’s TC52-HC series mobile computers are ideal for clinicians, including nurses, lab technicians, and other patient-facing workers. With an 8-year lifecycle, ruggedized drop spec, and IP65 sealing these devices provide a lower cost of ownership and rival popular consumer-grade devices.

Zebra Healthcare Mobile Printers

Specimen collection labels generated at the bedside using portable label printers significantly reduce the chance of mislabeled specimens. Zebra’s ZQ line of mobile printers are certified for Iatric MobiLab software, and we recommend them to many of our hospitals for accurate labeling at the point of care.

Printer Wall Mounts & Accessories

RMS Omega provides custom mounts for printers,d devices, and accessories. We often recommend our 6” Pedestal Mount with Locking Move Clip for mobile carts, bedside PCs, or nursing stations.

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