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Patient Wristbands

Identifying patients with barcoded or RFID wristbands is the most fail-safe means of assuring correct patient identification in healthcare settings.

Positive Patient ID Starts with a Wristband.

Use a thermal wristband and print patient information and barcodes directly on the band.

Identifying patients with barcoded wristbands is the most fail-safe means of assuring correct patient identification in healthcare settings. Barcoding solutions fulfill the principles of the ‘Five Rights’ of patient care – Right Patient, Right Medication, Right Dose, Right Time and Right Method of Administration – and prevent potentially fatal administrative errors.

Barcoded wristbands can be printed in two ways, laser or thermal.

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Using RFID wristbands – Don’t disturb the patient!

With RFID wristbands, nurses can quickly scan and identify patients without having to adjust or wake them. Wristbands are soft and comfortable, featuring adjustable adhesive closures to fit patients of all sizes. RFID readers can also be used to capture barcodes to verify patient medications, specimens, charts, and more.

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Featured Wristbands

Recommended Wristbands from Zebra Technologies

RMS Omega often recommends Zebra thermal and laser wristbands for accurate patient identification. Please get in touch with us for assistance in selecting a durable, comfortable, and reliable wristband for your healthcare facility. We are happy to send sample labels and wristbands, as well as assist with testing and evaluations.

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Label Selection & Printing Services

Our team can work with you to review your operations, identify your needs and recommend the most appropriate labels and ribbons, and wristbands if required. We will ensure these media are durable and high quality, capable of supporting your printing technologies, whether the labels are paper or synthetic, with a direct thermal or thermal transfer application. If you want customized labels, we can work with our partners to produce just the right size, adhesive, design, and color.

We know one of your concerns is running out of supplies. To make sure you always have the supply of labels, wristbands, and ribbons you need, RMS Omega offers two options.  We can auto-ship a predetermined amount of product regularly, or we can ship ‘on demand.’ We are even prepared to create your labels and store them in our warehouse until you need them. Any of these arrangements can be adjusted as your needs change.

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