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Smart Talk Enables Secure & Efficient Workforce Communication

Making Workforce Communication Smarter with Honeywell Smart Talk

With the increase in mobile and desk-less workers, there’s a corresponding increase in demand for workforce communication solutions. When organizations lack a secure unified communication platform, it exposes operations to costly errors, mix-ups, and inefficiencies. Consumer devices & free messaging apps are not reliable or secure enough to withstand the demands of enterprise use. Honeywell Smart Talk is a device-agnostic unified workforce communications application that tackles the problem of fragmented communications, with enterprise-grade security for voice calling, text and media messaging, video, and user presence.

Using Smart Talk to Solve Workforce Communication Challenges Honeywell Smart Talk software on CT40 device.

With a unified communication solution, your workforce will be able to securely collaborate from anywhere with unmatched quality and flexibility. Smart Talk enables users to communicate via voice, video, instant messaging, and push-to-talk, depending on the situation and user preference. Users are able to seamlessly communicate one-to-one or one-to-many at any time via their preferred method.

By increasing effective collaboration and communication, organizations can fully leverage their mobile workforce to drive productivity and profitability without costly communication delays and miscommunications. Honeywell’s secure, seamless workforce communication software offers unmatched quality, compatibility, security, and flexibility while providing an affordable option backed with support.

  1. Quality – reliable call quality with continuity between Wi-Fi and cellular.
  2. Compatibility – OS and device agnostics and operable with 100+ SIP call servers and PBX providers.
  3. Security – message encryption, TLS supported, and RTP support.
  4. Flexibility – device and platform-agnostic for scalability across new and existing hardware.

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With the increased burden on mobile workforces, investment in unified workforce communications is a must. Honeywell Smart Talk brings teams together with easy-to-use, secure, device and OS-agnostic multimedia messaging and communication for a low-cost monthly subscription.

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Unified Workforce Communications

Honeywell Smart Talk offers unmatched secure, flexible, unified collaboration for the mobile workforce. Take advantage of multiple ways to communicate and exchange information directly from your existing hardware. Honeywell Smart Talk is an adaptable software solution that fits your needs and preferences.

Push to Talk – walkie-talkie style communication for 1-to-1 or 1-to-many.

Messaging– encrypted text and direct messaging.

Voice Calls – voice over IP (VOIP) calling.

Video Calls – ultimate collaboration with voice and video.

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