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How To Make a More Transparent Food & Beverage Supply Chain

The Food and Beverage supply chain has experienced enormous challenges over the last year like meeting large-scale demand, managing inventory and product movement, meeting delivery schedules, and keeping workers safe in the process.  However, before Covid-19, there was a growing problem that still needs to be addressed in the food & beverage chain – improved tracking and traceability! According to a pre-pandemic study conducted by Zebra, only 22% of consumers had confidence in the safety of their food. More importantly, 83% of consumers believe the industry has an important role in implementing food safety solutions.

Putting the Right Technology in Place

Fortunately, there are technologies that food supply chains can deploy to bridge data gaps, and in turn, build better relationships with consumers.

One way visibility can be obtained is with RFID and RTLS technology. With these tracking technologies, supply chains can create accountable processes over product handling, product lifecycle, industry compliance, receiving raw materials, and overall chain of custody.

Zebra and RMS Omega work together to create systems for better asset location, automated inventory, and enterprise visibility through:

The Costs of Poor Visibility

Not having a system in place for enterprise visibility can be problematic for organizations. Businesses can lose
customers by neglecting their concerns and may encounter food safety incidents that aren’t properly documented. In turn, businesses can suffer financial, legal, and regulatory penalties. Furthermore, companies can develop negative reputations among both consumers and business partners.

Ultimately, closing the information gap with traceability solutions is the key to building a bridge of trust between brands and their stakeholders. Furthermore, implementing technology for better visibility can also be self-serving, helping supply chains identify inefficiencies and areas where they can optimize operations.

Learn More: Download Zebra’s Food Safety Supply Chain Vision Study!

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